View Full Version : Chloe Agnew at the White House

11th December 2009, 16:44
Ever year, the White House holds a ceremonial lighting of the National Christmas Tree - a major, televised event featuring performances by various entertainers and celebrities.

This year, Celtic Woman was one of the performers. A video showing Chloe and the other group members singing "Carol of the Bells" in front of the President, VP, First Family, etc., is available on YouTube:

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Chloe, naturally, steals the show, as the prettiest. I especially love the deep curtsy that she does at the end. So gracious.

Here are a few images of her at the event. Her facial features are soft, full, and beautiful, and you can see the alluring curve under her chin.




The Celtic Woman site also has a graphic showing the girls' reminiscences of the event. Here's Chloe's quote:


It's wonderful to think that for just a moment, the government of the United States was treated to the sight of timeless beauty.