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23rd December 2009, 00:57
Throughout this forum there have been poignant discussions on the alarming trend of beauty being devalued. I believe that this miniseries on YouTube called "Why Beauty Matters" is worth watching regarding the subject matter. It discusses the decline of beauty and civilization in matters of art, architecture, and the arts in general. Philosopher Roger Scruton scrutinizes the modernist trend and harkens back to a time when art provided beauty and meaning for humanity's sake.

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Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

27th December 2009, 01:18
It would be very nice to have this on DVD. Thanks for the videos! I enjoyed it very much!

29th December 2009, 21:46
Thank you so much! Even while I was still brainwashed by the media regarding everything else, I looked at ugly expressions of modernity such as those shown in the video and said to my teachers, "That is not art, nor does it deserve to be called so." They replied that "anything can be art." So I swallowed my confusion and moved on. But now, finally, here is a video created by someone with the exact same opinion as mine!

I'm so happy that I'm going to add a triple thank you, thank you, thank you!