View Full Version : Kailee: Brigitte Models

23rd January 2010, 13:28
I dropped by the Brigitte Models site the other day and saw to my delight that Kailee is now signed with them! That gives the German agency a major talent boost. Brigitte also represents Barbara Brickner.

I found one picture on her portfolio that hasn't been posted before - a shot from a Zay campaign of a couple of seasons ago:


Gorgeous. The rest of the pictures will be familiar. Some of the scans aren't the best, but it's great to see Kailee with another agency. I hope she turns up in many new campaigns!

But don't get too excited about seeing Kailee listed as a size 16. I wish. That's undoubtedly a British measurement, which is a U.S. size 14. Oh, well. We can all dream.


23rd January 2010, 23:00
Kailee is adorable! One of my favorite models, by far. I always look forward to seeing more of her.