View Full Version : Tyra's teen plus-size model search

M. Lopez
25th January 2010, 22:47
This is quite interesting. Tyra Banks is holding a plus-size model search; but not just any model search - a plus-size teen model search.

This is wonderful to hear. Young girls need to see full-figured models their size.

The first question is undoubtedly, "Will she only be looking for faux-plus girls?" Well, not according to her Twitter announcement:


It reads:

Are you a plus-size (size 12-20) TEEN girl? I want to see you in my Fiercely Real Teen Model Search!
I love the fact that at least size 12 is the bottom cutoff. I wish it were 14, but it's better than what we've seen in some seasons of ANTM. Also, I like that the upper parameter is size 20. Wouldn't it be thrilling if the chosen girl were at or near the higher size?

Here's the page with information about how to enter, and what the prizes will be:


2nd February 2010, 03:59
Even regular 'bloggers find it absurd to call such small models plus-size. Here's the CW 'blog about the model search:


Note the incredulity at the size parameters:

Tyra revealed on her talk show that she’s calling for gals between the ages of 13 and 19 for her search. They must have a dress size of 12 to 20 and are between 5’9” and 6’1” tall (size 12 is considered plus size? uh…okay).
Of course, size 12 is not plus-size (let alone anything smaller than that), and the 'blogger's eye-roll at having size 12s included represents what most people feel. That's why I hope that the winner will be at least be a size 14 -- and preferably fuller-figured than that.