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8th February 2010, 03:56
<br>We have always been ambivalent about featuring nude images on this site. Swimwear photos, for example, can achieve the same size-positive effect, but without offending people's sensibilities. Indeed, swim images can be even <i>more</i> compelling because they leave a little to the imagination.

There are other creative ways to avoid full-on exposure. Lara Johson's famous <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/images/LJ14.jpg" target="_blank">picture</a> for <i>Talk</I> magazine showed her in a <i>Venus pudica</i> pose of the kind made famous by the <i>Venus de Medici,</I> but the strategically placed Gucci pillows preserved her modesty.

True, many depictions of timeless beauty in Classical sculptures and Old Master paintings depict their subjects in various states of undress, but crucially, those are illustrations, not photographs--and the two genres are very different, modern Photoshop excesses notwithstanding.

Nevertheless, both <i>Glamour</I> and <i>V</I> magazine have featured plus-size models in nude editorials in the past few months. <i>V</i>'s effort was somewhat more successful, but still prompted a number of reservations on our part.

Now a well-known French plus-size label has jumped into the fray, and we must say that its two images of a disrobed full-figured model are among the best examples that we have yet seen of an undressed goddess posing in a fashion photograph.

The first image appears bold as brass on the Jean Marc Philippe home page. We will not post the entire picture here; merely a cropped version. (Anyone wishing the see the whole photo need only go the Jean Marc Philippe <a href="http://www.jeanmarcphilippe.com/" target="_blank">site</a>.)<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/jmp01c.jpg"></center><p>Many elements contribute to the success of this portrait--above all, the model's dazzling fairness. There is something inherently feminine about models with porcelain skin. The delicacy of their complexions heightens their vulnerability. The model's expression is gentle and soft, even a tad whimsical and playful. She is obviously a mature young woman, not a teen, but her wide-eyed glance suggests a pampered, spoiled quality, as if her beauty has enabled her to live an easy life, a perpetual adolescence well into adulthood, with all her needs provided for, all her wants satisfied by her adoring beau. Her tousled hair is decorative, as if she spent the entire day in a salon, but with a "measured messiness" too, betokening an appealing touch of careless indolence on her part. Of course, her beauty itself is quite remarkable, with soft facial features, big green eyes, and a full figure, with rounded, sensually untoned limbs. She seems a goddess meant for relaxation and play, unfit for exertion of any kind.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/jmp01d.jpg"></center><p>The other nude image is very different in character. Here, the model creates an entirely different persona, the wicked counterpart to the cuddly demeanour presented above. Here, the fair skin has shifted towards a pallour. Her pink smile appears redder; her hair a darker, more fiery hue. More of the figure is exposed, and we see the soft curve along her back, along with a swell at her waist. But principally, it is the model's altered expression that catches the eye. She appears carnal, wanton, <i>hungry</i>--clearly exhibiting the appetitive nature that has resulted in her possessing such a well-fed figure. She seems a creature of exciting, insatiable greed, always wanting more, and expecting to have her limitless wants satisfied constantly, simply because of her sinful, irresistible beauty.<p><center><img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/110zpm0.jpg"></center><p>Her pallour intimates the possibility of a vampiric nature, but her sumptuous figure suggests a rapacious human appetite. Nevertheless, she calls to mind the enchantress Geraldine in Coleridge's poem "<a href="http://etext.virginia.edu/stc/Coleridge/poems/Christabel.html" target="_blank">Christabel</a>" (1816). In this passage, the title character encounters the temptress Geraldine for the first time:<p><blockquote><i>There she sees a damsel bright,
Dressed in a silken robe of white,
That shadowy in the moonlight shone:
The neck that made that white robe wan,
Her stately neck, and arms were bare;
Her blue-veined feet unsandal'd were;
And wildly glittered here and there
The gems entangled in her hair.
I guess, 'twas frightful there to see
A lady so richly clad as she--
Beautiful exceedingly!</i></blockquote><p>Note the poem's reference to Gerladine's "stately" (<i>not</i> thin) limbs, and to her being so fair that she makes her robe seem tan by comparison. The Jean Marc Philippe model too has luscious limbs and extraordinarily white skin.

But above all, it is the curve of flesh along her back that makes her so sensually beautiful. The photograph presents it as as seductive trait, and the model's demeanour suggests her awareness of the attractiveness of her own physique.<p><center>* * *</center><p>Those who are interested can browse the Jean Marc Philippe site, linked below, to see the label's spring/summer 2010 fashions. The company obviously created these nude images to generate an impression, a notion of body-confidence and of the different senses of herself that a full-figured goddess can entertain.

Although we are still ambivalent about nude images, and would prefer plus-size models to don at least a modicum of clothing for their shoots, these pictures are better than most (in this category). We applaud Jean Marc Philippe for promoting plus-size beauty in a creative manner, and for employing an attractive model to do so.

- <a href="http://www.jeanmarcphilippe.com" target="_blank">JeanMarcPhilippe.com</a>

9th February 2010, 22:33
BRAVO! What gorgeous images.

23rd February 2010, 07:14
I just noticed that the Jean Marc Philippe site features another, smaller image of this intriguing red-haired model:


She has such bewitching expressions, and just enough of her figure is displayed to show that she is, in fact, curvaceous.

She appears on the JMP shopping site: