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15th February 2010, 22:35
How I wish that Christina Hendricks had fuller facial features. She could be a latter-day Kim Novak or Anita Ekberg; the closest Hollywood equivalent to a plus-size model.

Nevertheless, her New York Magazine cover is quite gorgeous. The outfit follows her Golden Globes dress in accentuating rather than hiding/disguising her best feature, her buxom curves, and the hairstyle is a magnificent attempt to add a Titian-esque, Botticelli-esque element to the picture, to play up her Renaissance qualities. And I'm glad that they put her in white, not black.


The cover introduces an article, one that's reproduced online, but isn't quite as interesting as it could have been. It has a few mixed messages, but is mostly positive.


The magazine's most eloquent statement about curves, however, is that stunning, sensual cover. It's a welcome antidote to the parade of androgynous emaciation of New York Fashion Week.

19th February 2010, 09:09
Truly stunning cover. Christina looks great in it, and I can think of many plus-size models who would similarly look gorgeous in such an outfit.

In fact, it reminds me very much of the spectacular bridal lingerie campaign that Barbara Brickner did a few years back, except that the lighting for Christina's cover is more dramatic:


The images from that campaign are preserved in this Barbara Brickner gallery:


I came across a little quote yesterday that's worth sharing in this thread. It was such an offhand statement that I almost glossed over it, but it's actually kind of significant. It appears in an otherwise unimportant fashion article (http://www.khaleejtimes.com/Displayarticle08.asp?section=diversions&xfile=data/diversions/2010/February/diversions_February22.xml). The writer is discussing various pieces in a fashion show, and the quote is:

There were also peekaboo sheaths that were at once pretty and edgy, and a modern silver screen siren-worthy citron-hued gown that was just begging for Christina Hendricks to drape her trademark curves in.
Now, think about the significance of that. Here's someone writing about a fashion show and stating, point blank, that a design would look better on a model with curves - better than it did on whatever androgynous waif was wearing it.

I definitely agree with those who wish that Christina were fuller figured, but if she is introducing the concept that curves are an assert to the displaying of fashion, the idea that clothing would better be served by models with feminine curves than by emaciated "hangers," then she is definitely contributing something worthwhile to the cause.

And really, it is a size-celebratory cover.