View Full Version : Vogue ''Curvy'' (Italy)

24th February 2010, 15:34
So as everyone has heard by now, Vogue Italia has launched a ''Curvy'' section.


What can one say? It's Vogue, which means just what one would expect -- faux-plus models abound.

I'm so ambivalent about all of the supposed attention that's going to plus-size models who don't look plus-size. It may be better than waifs, but it doesn't seem to be getting genuinely full-figured models any closer to the runways or into magazines, and it's still favouring models with hard facial features.

I'm far more excited when I see campaigns with true plus-size goddesses (16+), or fashion shows with girls of that size, like FFFWeek, than developments that try to approximate straight-size looks as closely as possible.

25th February 2010, 11:22
...and in "The Curvy Blog," there's a small article about a starvation camp, which the article calls "a shrine of well-being." In other words, business as usual. I wish I could say that I'm surprised.