View Full Version : Crystal in V Magazine, March '10

26th February 2010, 05:56
her facial expressions are a bit gentler than usual, at least in the clips in the video, and that's a good thing.
Crystal's lingerie work always comes out better than her other material. For some reason, she allows herself to adopt softer, gentler expressions when doing lingerie. Her face can appear very harsh in her other work, but in lingerie she embraces a different style. I wish she'd stick to it.

Here's her picture from the upcoming issue of V Magazine:


It's an ongoing pity that she isn't fuller-figured. If plus-size modelling were represented by a curvier model, say a size 16/18, the efforts to advance size-celebration would be much further along.

M. Lopez
2nd March 2010, 02:55
There's a brief but illuminating video on this page showing the making of the above image:


I say it's illuminating because it shows that the shoot could have yielded a much more size-positive picture than it did. From the video's angle, one sees that if nothing else, Crystal does have full, shapely thighs. What a pity that the photographer didn't endeavour to highlight that feature. Or if she did highlight it (in other frames), how regrettable that V Magazine didn't choose to run one of the photos in which Crystal looked curvier.

It just goes to show you - every member of a photographic team needs to have a size-positive aesthetic vision, or else somewhere along the way, someone is going to minimize the model.