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9th March 2010, 03:26
I didn't even notice this until today- after an absence of a few months, Barbara is back, modelling at Reitmans.

I like the top two images best. Barbara looks gorgeous in these purple and berry colours.

http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_102_D.jpg http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_100_D.jpg

She looks very attractive in the rest of the collection too, although I fondly remember the slightly curvier Barbara of past campaigns. She's still absolutely gorgeous, though, and it's wonderful to see that she has kept her tresses relatively long. All of the hairstyles are stunning.

http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_097_d.jpg http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_104_D.jpg

http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_099_D.jpg http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_098_d.jpg

I love her expressive pose in the black outfit, above.

You can see these, and several more images of Barbara, at the Reitmans site:


M. Lopez
10th March 2010, 14:31
The images are all beautiful - but with Barbara, how could they not be? She always create such gorgeous pictures.

Here are two more. I think the first two in this thread, with Barbara in the purple and berry colours, are the most attractive, though.

http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_096_D.jpg http://www.reitmans.com//images/collection/large/PIC_103_D.jpg

The images are a bit small on the Reitmans site, but if you check out the new e-flyer, you can view them at a larger size:


18th March 2010, 12:51
Nine times out of 10 Reitmans doesn't produce clothing that I would buy. But what I love about their product photos is that everything is fitted to Barbara's body. The clothes are cut to show off her shape, not hide it. In the area of proper fit for a full-figured body, Reitman's got it right!

21st March 2010, 01:29
While not the most exciting of outfits, Barbara's figure makes the clothes look chic instead of bland.

28th March 2010, 06:24
Reitmans just gave its site another spring update. They have added a new picture of Barbara to the Encore section, and a great one at that. Her pose accentuates her curves. The outfit looks comfortable, but on a voluptuous body it displays some gentle sexiness too.


Reitmans has also posted a new flyer - the biggest they have ever published. You can click on the "plus sizes" tab to go straight to the full-figured section, which opens with a dramatic two-page layout of Barbara in her curve-accentuating purple top.