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16th March 2010, 19:56
Now, this is something that truly endears me to Crystal Renn. As everyone else does, I too wish that she were fuller-figured, because that would make her more subversive and beautiful. But she did a new interview for Vice magazine that I really appreciate.


For one thing, it's free of mixed messages. Crystal solidly denounces her past as an anorexic model, and resolves to combat eating disorders.

If I can be more of a fighter for the cause, more of a warrior, I would like to take it as far as I can,
It's a more urgent tone in her message that usual, which is good to hear.

But the part that really caught my attention was this. After she briefly discusses her recent divorce, she explains what it is that has given her the most solace -- playing the piano, and more specifically, playing Beethoven.

How long have you been playing piano?

Iíve been going through a life change in the past year that kind of shook me to the core. I had to find myself all over again. I thought, What am I really about? And I thought, I love the piano. I bought one about a year and a half ago, and for whatever reason I didnít really take it seriously. But about three months ago, I thought, this makes me happy. So I sat down one day to learn the Moonlight Sonata.

And it helps?

This morning I woke up and I felt like the dead. The first thing I did was play that piece, and I felt immediately better. I got my coffee and now Iím talking to you.

Throughout history, Beethoven, the greatest composer of all time, has been the artist to whom tortured souls have been able to turn to find a kindred spirit, and balm for the soul.

I find it truly admirable that Crystal has discovered Beethoven, even going so far as to actually learn to play the great Moonlight Sonata. And if there is any influence she can have on the many people who idolize her, none would be a greater gift that to prompt them to discover Beethoven for themselves.

The interview comes with an interesting picture:


21st March 2010, 08:27
Crystal was profiled on The Insider over the weekend. The piece tells the usual story:


Crystal has a better message that skinny models, of course, and I don't mind her working in straight-size fashion as a bigger model, because there, she is at least better size than the anorexics. But if it's a case of a plus-size company, I really would rather see someone fuller figured than her.

I really wish all of the faux-plus size 10s and 12s would simply be moved to the straight-size category, so that finally some actual plus-size models would start representing fuller figured women.

Let there be true plus-size agencies/boards comprised of models over a size 14, and then let the plus-specific labels book those girls, from those sources.

7th April 2010, 21:57
Here's a brand-new Crystal Renn video, showing her appearance on yesterday's edition of eTalk, which is akin to a Canadian version of Entertainment Tonight.


It talks about her appearance on the Joe Fresh runway, but I think she looked much better in the other clips, such as those from the Mark Fast show, and the glimpses of her Elle Canada lingerie editorial, where she looked curvier, especially her shapely arms.