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20th March 2010, 13:06
I recently stumbled across two new campaigns by Grace Brackstone for European plus-size retailers.

She's now the face of a British company called Elvi. Here she is in three of the company's outfit pictures. I can only post them at this reduced size, but if you click on the link you'll find that they're zoomable to much bigger dimensions.

http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/medium/49136.jpg http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/medium/49137.jpg http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/medium/49135.jpg


Grace also just turned up in a new e-mail flyer from Elvi. I think her face looks especially attractive here.



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The images from her campaign for Maxima, a German company, are actually more youthful and more creatively photographed, but since they're flash-based I can't post them directly to the forum. To see them, click on this link and select "Winter" from the bottom bar.


I wish she were a bit fuller figured, but she's a gorgeous model. It's great to see her career progressing.

21st March 2010, 11:44
I clipped a few of Grace's Maxima pictures. The wardrobe is very characteristic of continental plus-size fashion: layering upon layering. However, the styling is kind of nice, with the colour-coordinated gloves. And the photography is excellent; lots of dramatic lighting. Plus, Grace was allowed to do some quite dramatic poses.

The hands-in-the-hair pose on the right is really striking.

http://i42.tinypic.com/ipxhf7.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/2s1adrr.jpg

Grace has a really youthful-looking face, which softens her serious looks, creating an interesting blend of effects.

http://i41.tinypic.com/2gsertz.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/2ji52p.jpg

See what I mean about the lighting? In the picture on the left it creates a chiaroscuro effect, making Grace's blonde hair glow with a sacred light. Try to imagine the same expression and lighting, but with different wardrobe.

http://i43.tinypic.com/2vsnfno.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/14vr23n.jpg

The studio set is at least somewhat more interesting than a plain grey backdrop would have been.

http://i42.tinypic.com/1z1e435.jpg http://i39.tinypic.com/66d6ps.jpg

I love Grace's expression in the picture on the left:

http://i42.tinypic.com/16gmnol.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/i3h0sg.jpg

She's a very, very beautiful model. If she were ever to go up a dress size or two, she would be one of the greatest in the industry.

http://www.maximafashion.com/ (http://www.maximafashion.com/)

M. Lopez
23rd March 2010, 00:06
The Maxima photos benefit from artistic lighting and great styling touches. But I do like the Elvi pictures of Grace as well, which may be simple but effectively showcase her look.

I received an e-mail flyer from Elvi too - this one featuring a different picture of Grace.



It's a lovely photo because it shows a bit of fullness in her face, more than the other images do, and consequently she looks especially beautiful here.

25th March 2010, 12:11
I have a picture of Grace to add to this thread as well.



I agree that her face looks really full and beautiful in these e-mail circulars.

The Maxima clothing is more youthful, much of it, and more to my taste, but Grace makes the Elvi clothing look good as well.

29th March 2010, 06:23
Elvi is the gift that keeps on giving. I signed up for their e-mails and just received this lovely photo of Grace. I prefer the images posted earlier, as they show the softness in her face, but its still a lovely photo:


Here is the link to the flyer:


8th April 2010, 23:52
The Elvi flyers have produced one enchanting picture of Grace after another.

Here's the latest:


She looks so sunny in yellow! So fresh and pretty.


Really, Grace is a lovely model, and it's a treat to see her work.

15th April 2010, 15:51
This is becoming a full-fledged gallery of Grace's images. But why not? She's very pretty.

Here's a shot from her latest Elvi flyer:




20th April 2010, 06:48
Here are some more images to add to this thread.

First from an e-mail circular, the picture that was the former Elvi site cover page:


And a promo for a new summer collection with the lovely name "English Rose" - which certainly applies to Grace herself:



Also, the Elvi site now features several more "outfit" images - two from the spring collection:

http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/large/49144.jpg http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/large/49143.jpg

And two breezier looks betokening the "English Rose":

http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/large/49145.jpg http://www.elvi.co.uk/imagshop/group/large/49142.jpg

M. Lopez
25th April 2010, 12:50
Here's Grace looking quite pretty in a new Elvi flyer, though I'm not crazy about the long shirt as a wardrobe choice. A bit too shapeless. The colour is nice on her though.



Elvi is producing a great deal of advertising with Miss Brackstone. It's wonderful to see. I just wish that other plus-size companies would do likewise whenever they feature the industry's most popular models.

7th May 2010, 08:00
I have a couple of pictures of Grace to add to this thread, from sundry Elvi flyers.

Another view of her in pink, which sets off her complexion beautifully:



And an attractive headshot: