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12th April 2010, 15:20
I found this lovely video on YouTube and thought I'd share it. It reminds me of Tamika's "Classical Beauty" video from last year.

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The video description reads:

Do you think you need to be thin to be beautiful? Well, think again.

What the media tells you about beauty is a lie. Turn up the volume and see for yourself.

Pictures from www.judgmentofparis.com, a stunning website which changed my life. Features models include:

Valerie Lefkowitz
Kelsey Olson
Shannon Marie
Charlotte Coyle
Maritt Pike
Hayley Hasselhoff
Crystal Renn
Kate Dillon
and more.

The song is 'La Corde' by Yann Tiersen.
Really lovely collection of images. The video is marked at 3:58, but it actually only lasts 1:11.

Wonderful to see more people spreading the word about timeless beauty in creative new ways.