View Full Version : Kate Dillon agrees: size 10 ''not curvy enough''

13th April 2010, 23:37
Like Sophie Dahl, Kate Dillon is another example of a model who gained tremendous fan enthusiasm when she was legitimately plus-size, but then sadly diminished herself into non-plus proportions.

But she said something in a new interview that I found very commendable.


There is an unfortunate bit of revisionist history first, though. She claims that she re-entered the industry as a plus-size model "at a very normal size 10, by the way." This is simply not true. Every article about Kate from the time of her re-entry into fashion affirmed that she re-entered at a size 14 - moreover, that she was later a size 16 and, at her most popular and beautiful, a size 18. But when she diminished to a 12, she started claiming that she re-entered as a 12. Now, at a 10, she is claiming that she re-entered at a 10. This is just not true.

However, here is the statement that I find very admirable:

"I love representing curvy women, although some women - justifiably - do not feel a size 10 is really curvy enough."
Thank you! It is her use of the word "justifiably" that I commend her for. At least she recognizes that the public IS justified in being appalled at having full-figured women represented by faux-plus models. That is more than what many of her colleagues have said, and I respect her for it.

Now, though, lets have the industry heed her words - if it refuses to heed the words of full-figured women - and actually begin featuring models size 16, 18, 20, and over - models who are "really curvy enough."

M. Lopez
19th April 2010, 16:30
I applaud Kate Dillon for saying that women justifiably do not feel a size 10 is curvy enough. When we have the public and the models themselves saying that plus-size models should be fuller figured, you know that something is really wrong. Will the clients and agents finally listen? I hope so.

Here's some news - Kate Dillon has moved to the Ford New York division:


That's probably the most significant model move since Barbara Brickner moved to Ford, if only because of Kate's long-standing association with Wilhelmina.

It remains very sad to see her listed as a 10/12. How I miss the gorgeous size-16 Kate of a decade ago.