View Full Version : Kailee O'Sullivan: Target swim ad

21st April 2010, 23:13
Target is turning out to be remarkably beneficial to the rediscovery of timeless beauty. First it produced the amazing in-store ads with Kelsey Olson a few weeks ago:


Now the Target plus-size landing page shows Kailee O'Sullivan in swimwear:


Lovely photo. It's amazing to see so many beautiful plus-size models in swimwear recently (Lindsey Garbelman, Barbara Brickner, and now Miss O'Sullivan). Kailee's picture proves once again that full-figured goddesses look far more attractive in swim apparel than do the waifs or the faux-plus girls.


26th April 2010, 07:43
Target is batting a thousand. What a charming photo. I remember Glamour magazine publishing a few swimwear pictures of Kailee a little while back, and this image is just as lovely. She looks curvy, confident, and carefree. What a beauty.