View Full Version : Curves v. Hollipops

Patrick D
29th April 2010, 07:19
What are "hollipops" you ask? They are the waif-thin so-called starlets of Hollywood. The fact that the internet has invented a satirical name for them is a sign that the times are changing. So is this:


Though the tone of this piece is pessimistic, my personal view is the opposite-Hollywood is being called out for its foolishness. Victory starts small and the cracks are starting to show. On the site where I found this article the comments were overwhelmingly positive to plus-sized women.

30th April 2010, 05:25
Except for the fact that they made the Joan Holloway illustration overly tall, I love the illustration that comes with the article:


It definitely shows the advantage of the fuller-figured actress over the rather pathetic-looking waif. The curvy starlet looks healthy and well-fed, and the dress looks great on her. The emaciated twiglet looks unhealthy and malnourished, the sinewy tone in her arms makes them look ugly, and what little she's wearing doesn't even fit.

Not only is the robust goddess sexier, but she's a better fashion model too. So much for the myth that clothes look better on skinny frames. Who wants to look at that hideous ribcage and jutting collarbones? The softer, fleshier girl is more appealing in every way.