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2nd May 2010, 05:47
The most consistent, long-standing model-client partnership in the industry continues this summer, with Barbara shooting a new campaign for Reitmans. It's been several seasons now that the shots have been studio-bound, though, and I really miss the beautiful outdoor location shoots that Reitmans used to do with Mrs. Brickner, which were so consistently beautiful and interesting.

The best image of the campaign by far is this one, for which Reitmans allowed Barbara to do a dramatic, gorgeous pose. I love how the wind catches her tresses. The crochet top is a pretty item.


Plus-size goddesses always look great in camisoles - ideal feminine summer wear.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_122_D1.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_121_D.jpg

Several more casual outfits:

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_113_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_104_D1.jpg

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_117_D1.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_116_D1.jpg

The other thing that I miss is Barbara's somewhat fuller figure of past campaigns. She's still a true plus-size model, not faux-plus, but she used to be curvier, more subversively voluptuous.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_119_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_115_D1.jpg

There are more images at the Reitmans site:


3rd May 2010, 07:11
The best image of the campaign by far is this one, for which Reitmans allowed Barbara to do a dramatic, gorgeous pose. I love how the wind catches her tresses. The crochet top is a pretty item.
That stunning image appears in rotation on the main Reitmans cover page, where it's presented as the cover of the new flyer. It really is a remarkable pose, and a signature Barbara look, displaying the wild yet soft sensuality she's known for.


The flyer is well worth a look, as it features many of Barbara's images reproduced at a larger size.


17th May 2010, 05:57
Great new picture added over the weekend. This is a nice, casual outfit, and Barbara shows if off beautifully.


But I agree that an outdoor shoot would be nice. Reitmans used to be very creative with its promotions, and produced some lovely campaigns in gorgeous locations. I also miss the slightly fuller-figured Barbara of past seasons.

23rd May 2010, 02:36
Well, although the lack of an outdoor shoot is still a regret, Reitmans has just come out with its main summer collection, and I have to say that the clothing is quite attractive and really shows off Barbara's figure. She appears a bit curvier in this series than she has in recent Reitmans campaigns, which is good to see.

Barbara looks gorgeous in the dress on the right, which has a fun colour and a seductive cut at the bust. Also, it shows off her shapely legs.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_191_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_110_D1.jpg

I love Barbara's pose in the image on the left- so full of self-assurance. Her tresses flow in the wind in a sexy manner. This is by far the standout image of the entire campaign. Also, the capris in the outfit on the right show off her womanly hips.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_183_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_196_D.jpg

The various three-quarter poses in this series, exemplified in the left photo below, play up Barbara's curves.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_186_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_109_D1.jpg

Looking very summery in the outfit on the left.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_193_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_185_D.jpg

I appreciate the fact that in the left photo, you can see a hint of fullness at Barbara's waist.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_184_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_112_D1.jpg

More attractive, casual styles.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_189_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0111_D.jpg

All of these images, and more, are viewable at the Reitmans Encore site, linked here:


M. Lopez
25th May 2010, 02:23
http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_183_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_110_D1.jpg
Those two are definitely the images that stand out most from the summer campaign. I love the vain expression from Barbara in the image on the left, and in the right-hand picture her legs look full and shapely.

Barbara also appears in the new Reitmans flyer, although it's unfortunately a much smaller publication than usual. But take notice of the tag line: "Fabulous summer looks for everybody & every body." At least when Reitmans makes the "every body" claim, it does so with some justification, since Barbara is a size 14. When magazines like Glamour use this line, they usually only include a token faux-plus model who disappointingly looks no different from the straight-size models. Reitmans' claim is far more valid.


25th May 2010, 17:12
The Reitmans Facebook page features a cute ad made out of one of Barbara's summer images- and as a matter of fact, one of the images in which she does look curvy.


Better yet, this ad is for Reitmans customers in general, straight size and full figured, so it's wonderful to see Reitmans recognizing that a true plus-size model can appeal to all women, no matter what their size. There really is no need for waif models at all.