View Full Version : Every day is No-Diet Day

6th May 2010, 07:47
As has often been said on this forum before, every day should be a no-diet day. But today most of all, because today, May 6, is the annual celebration of International No-Diet Day.

Here's an article about the event:


A few points:

International No-Diet Day is a chance to ditch the diet mania and instead appreciate your body and celebrate qualities that really matter.

“Diets set us up for failure and it just creates this whole cycle of feeling bad about yourself,” said Kathryn Barratt, executive director of the Eating Disorders Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region.

“You’re not getting the nutrients and you’re not getting the energy you need,” Barratt said.

Preoccupation about weight can all too easily become an eating disorder, especially among young girls. More than a quarter of girls age 12 to 18 have at least one symptom of an eating disorder, Barratt said.

Barratt urges people to give themselves, and their bodies, a break on International No-Diet Day.
The one thing that I dislike in much of the press around No-Diet Day is that it makes the point that diets "don't work." True, but that's actually a good thing - one wouldn't want them to work! It's not just that starvation is bad as a method; the goal behind it (body diminishment) is wrong in the first place.

As a recent post (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1850) on this forum noted, adding weight actually increases women's health and beauty, and bestows a more youthful appearance. Therefore, No-Diet Day should ideally be a No-Diminishment Day, a day to indulge naturally, eat freely, and really enjoy food and life.

And once again - every day should be no-diet day. Think about how much happier all women would be if that were the case.