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7th May 2010, 21:10
If you were in elementary school in the late 1970s, your first memory of an attractive woman on TV might have been Lynda Carter in the old Wonder Woman television series. The show itself was typical of its time (i.e., not very good), but Lynda's costume somehow managed to be both revealing yet tasteful. She wasn't even faux-plus, but she wasn't a size-0 skeleton either. Hers was what you might call a Christina Hendricks figure (but without the Joan Holloway padding).

The most attractive point was the face, actually - a traditionally beautiful, feminine face. You know, the kind of gentle, pretty face that Hollywood and the fashion industry have all but banned these days, for ideological reasons.


Anyway, word is that with the rash of superhero movies, DC Comics is making plans for a Wonder Woman film. I shudder to think what that will mean. In successive depictions of Wonder Woman in recent animation, the character has grown ever skinnier, yet developed a grotesque musculature too (like a hideous mixture of starvation and steroids), and the face has become drawn, oval, and mannish.

As a welcome relief from such developments (and this is what prompted this post), I recently came across this astonishingly beautiful conceptual drawing of a plus-size Wonder Woman. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm guessing that she's depicted as a size 16/18 or so. She has a very soft, natural figure, round limbs, full thighs. Terrific pose. The costume is imperfect at the bust, but all in all it's a fine rendering.


The source is this (http://fatwonderwoman.blogspot.com/2010/02/diamond-in-back-invisible-top-mo-moussa.html) page, which identifies the artist, from a Web log devoted to depictions of full-figured Wonder Women, but I don't advise visiting the 'blog. Most of the drawings there are crude and unattractive, and not particularly nice either, as if the creators had a mean streak and an antipathy to their subject. However, the above depiction stood out as a truly lovely portrait.

If only, for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Hollywood would cast a gorgeous plus-size model who would resemble this illustration in face and figure...

8th May 2010, 12:48
I always believe that photographs of live models are far more effective than illustrations, but there is a fair share of attractive, tasteful plus-size artwork on the Web. It further reflects how anxious the public is to see fuller-figured women represented in the media.

I remember coming upon this drawing a while back, of a "curvy pinup girl." As in the Wonder Woman illustration, the figure is admirably soft and natural, and the face and expression are gentle and feminine.


Here's the source.