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13th May 2010, 22:47
Today's episode of the Tyra show was very pro-curvy. The audience was wholly comprised of full-figured girls, and Tyra had them all wear their dress sizes as badges - which was a really positive move. As Tyra put it, girls have been taught to be ashamed of these numbers, but instead they should be proud of them. Bravo.

Several segments featured Whitney Thompson giving curvy girls ambush makeovers. The wardrobe styling for the makeovers was by Ashley Falcon, Marie Claire magazine's plus-size contributor, and for once I thought that her wardrobe choices were very good.

Tyra stressed that bigger girls shouldn't wear baggy clothing but should wear tight-fitting fashions to accentuate their bodies - that this would make them look more attractive. It was excellent fashion advice.

Whitney, with long dark tresses, looked very pretty in pink, showing off her great legs. You could also see the sensual curve under her chin. I always love hearing her fun, feminine voice, filled with enthusiasm. You can tell that she loves what she does and believes in it.

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I titled this post "Whitney, Ashley on Tyra" but I actually didn't have Ashley Falcon in mind, but a different Ashley who also appeared on today's show. This Ashley was a guest, not a model, but she was absolutely gorgeous - the most beautiful girl on the show by far. SHE is what a plus-size model should look like. She looked really soft, very full-figured and very well-fed, with long goddesslike blonde tresses.

Her segment was about finding a Mr. Right, but what's interesting is that this wasn't the usual "Woe is me, I can't get a date" story. Far from it. Ashley says that she is in fact a serial dater, who goes on dates 3 or 4 times a week (!). Guys are obviously crazy about her. She says that she's turned off by jerks (understandably) and by guys who are too "obsessed" with her.

I find that very interesting. You can tell that she definitely knows just how gorgeous she is and, rightly, thinks very highly of herself. Basically, no man is good enough for her - but it's good that she feels that way. It's right that gorgeous, truly full-figured women who are so attractive should have this kind of vanity. It shows how curvy girls deserve to think about themselves.

Anyway, the segment is a bit of an awkward love-connection piece, but it's worth watching, just to look at Ashley. She's very sweet and charismatic, truly plus-size, and also very sexy.

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All in all, it was a very positive episode. Thanks Tyra! Bravo, Whitney. And I hope we see more of this blonde guest named "Ashley."