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20th May 2010, 05:33
A while back, I remember reading a great interview (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/voluptuous.htm) with Angela Samuels, the co-owner of the Voluptuous Clothing chain in Canada. It was a pretty empowering interview, and reflected a size-positive mindset.

Today, the Toronto Star published a new article about the company, which gives some idea of where it currently stands (although I have to say that I still find the Judgment of Paris interview to be livelier and more interesting):


I like the Samuels sisters' approach to plus-size fashion. As the article says:

What sets the four Voluptuous stores apart from other purveyors of plus-size apparel is their unabashed, enthusiastic embrace of fast fashion trends cut for the curvy girl.

The Samuels sisters are trying to dispel the notion that plus-size girls can’t or shouldn’t wear trends.

"We want girls in high school to look like their peers. We want women just entering the workforce to look like their co-workers. We want women who want to go to clubs to look like the other girls at the clubs.

“I always felt that being plus-size, you’re going to stand out anyway. So if you’re going to be seen, I want you to be seen in a nice light.”

The Voluptuous Clothing site has been updated for summer, and features a video of its latest photoshoot. I like the fact that the company uses genuinely full-figured models, but I wish that Voluptuous would feature some Judgment of Paris favourites, someday: