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22nd May 2010, 03:14
This is just a typical bit of celebrity fluff, but it's still encouraging to hear. Apparently, Megan Fox - she of the vampishly attractive face but miserably underweight body - was fired by Michael Bay from Transformers 3 because even he, a Hollywood director, couldn't countenance her malnourished frame.


The pertinent points:

Fox's fragile frame concerned the director and his team on the set as they prepared to shoot the third instalment of the movie franchise that made her a star.

Bay, 45, thought the 24-year-old looked "unhealthy" and wanted her to put on weight if she wanted to resume her role as Mikaela Banes in the third film.

A source on the movie revealed yesterday: "Megan stormed out after a huge row with Michael Bay.

"He thinks she has lost too much weight and looks too frail. He wanted her to put on some weight and it all kicked off.

"The crew don't think she looks well, let alone the wholesome, curvy star they cast in the first film. She's going for this gaunt image and it just looks unhealthy."
Bravo to the director for requiring her to gain weight. I can't say that I enjoy his films (although I loved the old Transformers TV show back in the '80s, when I was a kid), but this was an excellent decision on his part. I wish other directors would follow his example - and that fashion editors/agents/bookers would do likewise, firing models who are too thin, and choosing fuller-figured, healthier, more beautiful models in their stead.

22nd May 2010, 05:33
One more bit of info in that article was worth noting:

Brit star GEMMA ARTERTON, 24, is among the favourites to take over the female lead in the franchise.
Arterton is very thin, of course, but like Christina Hendricks, she's not quite emaciated, and is by her own admission a curvier-than-average star.

And unlike Megan Fox, who seems altogether unhappy with her appearance, Arterton seems quite pleased with her body.


Here's the text:

Gemma Arterton Happy With Curves

Gemma Arterton refuses to conform to Hollywood's idea of the "perfect" figure and says she's happy with her curvier body shape.

Gemma Arterton refuses to conform to Hollywood's idea of the "perfect" figure.

The stunning actress is a UK size eight-10 and while she's still very slim it is regarded as big in the movie world. But Gemma won't risk her health in a bid to fit into a smaller size.

She said: "I went to a designer the other day, who will remain nameless, and he said to me, 'I'm amazed that you're fitting into those sample sizes.' And I thought, 'Hang on a minute! I'm a size eight to 10! I should be amazed that the largest you're making these in a size six.'

"But the only way I could ever be a size six is if I didn't eat. I'm not naturally meant to be that size, and I just feel like there's a responsibility for people that aren't that size to make that known. All I can do, I think, is try to look good. I have things made for me, so they fit."

Gemma, 24, also chooses designers which cater for women with a curvier figure.

A U.K. size 10 isn't even faux-plus, as the article acknowledges, but it IS above the emaciated Hollywood standard (and above Megan Fox's weight, that's for sure).

I love Gemma's observation that what's truly aberrant is not how curvy she is, but how freakishly small the designers' sample sizes are.

Let's hope that the Transformers role goes to Arterton. It would be a fine victory of a curvy actress over a skinny one, and would hopefully set an example to other Hollywood directors and actresses to favour a marginally curvier look.