View Full Version : Justine at Swimsuits Just For Us

23rd May 2010, 18:37
What a great year this is for seeing plus-size models in swimwear. We've had Kelsey Olson's gorgeous swim tests, Lindsey Garbelman's images at Swimsuits For All, Barbara Brickner's photos at the Bon-Ton, and more.

Now Justine Legault has turned up in a few images at an online retailer called Swimsuits Just for Us. I've identified three of her photos so far, of which this is the loveliest. No Sports Illustrated swim-waif could hold a candle to her.



Another attractive photo:



And yet another, although I do think that she looks prettier with her hair down.



Swimsuits Just For Us is probably not the producer of these images, but rather a distributor. The photos were likely sourced from a catalogue. Somewhere, therefore, there may be more pictures of Justine in the original catalogue from which these images were taken. But in the meantime, it's wonderful to see Miss Legault modelling swimwear. She has a gorgeous figure and, of course, one of the most purely beautiful and modellesque faces in the industry.