View Full Version : Linda Caffa in Dutch Glamour

11th June 2010, 03:16
Every once in a while, I see the name Linda Caffa coming up on this forum - a genuinely full-figured Dutch model who has appeared in Big Is Beautiful magazine, and has frequently shot for Exelle, a plus-size label in Holland.

Linda has an official Web site, which she recently revamped:


Browsing through its galleries, I discovered an attractive editorial in Dutch Glamour in which she appeared:


I'm not sure of the month, but I believe this was fairly recent. As plus-size nudes go, this is one of the most successful I've ever seen. Her skin looks quite fair, her physique appears very soft and attractively untoned, her arm is full and round. One even sees soft curves along her side. The wisp of blonde hair straying over her face is quite sensual. The image has a kind of wholesome sexiness that makes it very appealing.

Linda's site is well worth browsing, as it features a generous collection of her modelling work. According to her card, she's a size 46/48 (U.S. size 16/18) - which accounts for her lovely curves.