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15th June 2010, 16:00
Something I remember enjoying in the Kelsey Olson interview (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/) was the observation that Kelsey has often worn bows in her costume campaigns, and her acknowledgment that she wouldn't mind wearing such fashions in real life:

“Some people have likened the prettier costumes that you wear to Lolita fashion, with the bows and the ribbons and so forth. Could you ever see yourself wearing Lolita styles in your daily attire?” I inquired. “Or do you think that it would be too much for you to, say, put a bow in your hair?”

“No, it wouldn’t be. I’m all about exploring different fashions,” Kelsey shared. “I’m very simple. Bu I’d definitely wear a bow,” she granted, adding, “Why not?”
Well, the good news is that ribbons and bows are definitely "in." (They should never have gone out!) Besides Emily and Tamika's comments about bows being part of Lolita fashion in this (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1720) thread a few months ago, Glamour magazine has published a number of features about bows both as hair accessories and - this being the new development - as wardrobe accessories too.

Here's Glamour's piece about hair bows:


And here's their brand-new article on bows as clothing accessories:


The only thing is, these accessories look out of place on the emaciated, unpretty, modern-looking Hollywood types that Glamour features in its write-ups. On the other hand, if Glamour had presented these styles on Kelsey or Kailee O'Sullivan, then the magazine's write-ups would have really made a fine fashion statement.

Bows and ribbons are gorgeous emblems of timeless femininity, so they belong on plus-size models whose traditional, Old World beauty they complement so perfectly.

13th December 2010, 20:35
If there's one so-called "trend" that emerged in fashion this year that I hope will continue in perpetuity, it's the return of ribbons and bows.

Here's a brief article that offers as good a sense as any as to why women (at least, feminine women) love these embellishments:


A quote:

"When a woman sees a bow, it reminds her of her youth," he says. Bows represent freshness, femininity, perhaps seduction.

And they're everywhere this season. On dresses, T-shirts, handbags, hair clips. You name it.
Needless to say, voluptuous vixens look especially pretty with bow details, as it gives them an irresistibly girly look. These embellishments offer a perfect mixture of innocence and allure.

13th December 2010, 23:03
Another way that I've worn ribbons is as necklace chains. I have a couple of large cameos that I inherited from my grandmother that can be worn as necklace pieces or as pendants. I wear them as necklaces with a beautiful ribbon as my "chain."

I love ribbons and bows. They can give jewelry a softer look.