View Full Version : Yanderis on the runway

24th June 2010, 14:59
Although Yanderis didn't walk in FFFWeek, she did nevertheless recently appear on the runway in Miami in a different plus-size show called "Real Women Shaping Style." Here's the notice about the event:


The ad even includes a blurb promoting the event by singling out her appearance in the show:

Yanderis Lodos ....recognized in the industry as the "most beautiful Latin plus-size model"
Yanderis is indeed gorgeous. Here she is on the runway at this event:


And here she is with another model and the event's organizer. The dress shows off her luscious curves.


It's very encouraging to see plus-size models doing more runway work. I see no reason to have waifs on the catwalk at all, since the curvier models make every item look far more appealing.