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29th June 2010, 22:59
When I first registered for this site, I stated in my e-mail that I wished to post regularly on the progress of the not only size-acceptance but size-preference movements. Well, I'm here to tell you that things aren't going too well at present.

There was Tyra's Teen Model search, and Caralyn was in fact a classmate of mine before she recently graduated from my school. However, as a male, I realized something over the past couple of weeks of working as a lifeguard. We (males) are one of the sources of the lack of acceptance.

Sure, there are skinny models, and ads which feature waifs and skeletons with skin, but we make the decision, it seems, to find that attractive and sexy.

However, another part of the problem turns up when curvy girls encounter guys who do consider them attractive. I fell for a girl last year who was probably somewhere sized between a 12 and 14. I told her that I thought she was beautiful just the way she was/is. She had boyfriends in the past and has one now, but they liked her in spite of her size.

I told her that she wouldn't need to lose weight if she dated me, but she thought it was gross and weird. She thought it was odd that I liked her size, and I got rejected. But enough of my lamenting. This is a worrisome trend that is occurring and a problem that may be one that we cannot fix, if girls will not find themselves beautiful, and neither will boys.

23rd October 2010, 03:09
<br>Romantic situations are complex, often too complex even for their participants to fully understand, let alone third-party commentators. However, Matthew brings up a very important point. Not only do plus-size women need to accept that their full-figured physiques are natural and healthy; they also need to recognize that the male <i>preference</I> for women with more generously proportioned bodies is, in turn, a natural and healthy attraction.

While one of the missions of this Web project is to promote the concept of the fuller female figure as ideal, another is to confirm that the male preference for plus-size female beauty is the normal, default masculine aesthetic. The worship of androgynous emaciation is an aberration brought on by media brainwashing, whereas the desire for curvaceous feminine beauty is hardwired into the male psyche.

Just as the modern media pathologizes the bountiful female figure and wilfully misconstrues this natural physique into something abnormal and undesirable, so are women led to believe that any man who prefers such a body type is an out-of-the-mainstream eccentric (whereas nothing could be further from the truth).

It serves the purpose of the diet-starvation and exercise-torture industries to depict a false reality where men supposedly drool over shrivelled, emaciated celebrities. Such propaganda dupes women into thinking that in order to be desirable, they need to diminish themselves into correspondingly anorexic sizes. Films and television programs constantly show male actors behaving as if they find skinny, flat-chested actresses alluring, whereas in real life, most men would never give such underfed, stick-thin women a second glance.

As we have noted before, the absence of a <i>Plus-Size Vogue</I> or a <i>Plus-Size Elle</I> to stand alongside minus-size <i>Vogue</I> and <i>Elle</I> means that women do not have the option to buy magazines with larger models. If they did, they would prefer the plus-size editions to the minus-size publications every time. But men similarly have no options. There are no <i>Plus-Size Maxim</I> magazines, nor any <i>Plus-Size FHMs.</I> The reason why men buy these "lads' mags" peopled by starving waifs is simply because they have no alternatives. If men were offered similar magazines except with soft, fair-featured plus-size models rather than with underfed, over-tanned waifs, they would choose the full-figured editions every time. This would reflect the normal, natural male preference.

Full-figured girls should recognize that the men who find them alluring precisely <i>because</I> of their well-fed figures are actually the most normal and well-adjusted suitors whom they will ever attract. Eons of human evolution have hardwired the male brain to desire the curvaceous female physique. In fact, it is the men who prefer androgynous figures whose tastes are, as Matthew put it, "gross and weird." At best, these men have been brainwashed by the media into pursuing a body type that isn't their first preference. At worst, they may not truthfully be attracted to women at all. Either way, a man who favours the androgynous body type is not the kind of person whom a woman wants to pursue. Rather, she should seek the attentions of a man who evinces a natural, healthy preference for plus-size beauty.

This site presents plus-size goddesses not only as superior fashion models to their underweight rivals, but also as greater objects of desire. As men become more comfortable in proclaiming their contempt for the appearance of androgynous waifs, and voicing their attraction to voluptuous vixens, women will increasingly consider this preference to be the normal, healthy, mainstream male aesthetic. As a consequence, curvaceous women will become more comfortable in being full-figured, knowing that their luscious body type truly represents the epitome of beauty.