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27th July 2010, 21:23
Numerous fashion campaigns from Australian junior-plus retailer City Chic have won considerable acclaim on this forum, but the label's latest promotion deserves a thread of its own.

Since the seasons down under are reversed, spring is just now blooming in Australia, and summer is right around the corner. City Chic fittingly calls its new campaign "Miss Bouquet," since the lovely garden in which this photoshoot took place is beautified by many flowers. The clothing is very soft and feminine, the styling is delightfully girlish.

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The model is Blaise McCann, who won praise in the BGM Models thread earlier this year:


Blaise is listed as an Australian size 16 (U.S. size 14). and she looks attractively soft in this video, with a very natural, unmuscular physique - the perfect choice for the clothing and the setting.

I adore the shots of Blaise lying in the grass amid the blossoms, or smelling the fragrant flower at 1:13. The dress at 1:19 is enchanting.

I've already watched this video several times. It's a vision of paradise on earth.

27th July 2010, 22:47
What an absolutely stunning video. It seems to have been created with the Formal Gardens category of the "Natural Ideal" post from earlier this year in mind:


I love the fact that the setting features so many flowers as well as greenery - something that the "Natural Ideal" post mentioned as been missing in many otherwise outdoor shoots.

A setting like this is tailor-made for plus-size goddesses. The idyllic location harmonizes with the natural beauty that Blaise possesses, while the flowers play up her girlish femininity. And those City Chic dresses are so lovely, showing off the models sensually soft physique.

I wish that more full-figured fashion campaigns would be photographed against gorgeous outdoor backdrops like this.

30th July 2010, 00:56
Yes, paradise on earth. I could not have said it better. She is such a sweet vision of beauty. I am overwhelmed with the desire to step into that world and enjoy the garden with her. It is like she is the loveliest flower in the garden and each outfit is a new set of petals with which she adorns herself.

7th August 2010, 02:29
I love Blaise's demenaour in the video. She seems very quiet, blushing, almost bashful -- perhaps strategically so. Her gentle attitude suits the setting and the clothing in a way that a harder bearing would not have. So pretty.

City Chic has now posted one of the images from the shoot online. In the video, you can see the moment when it was shot at around the 1:30 mark.


The Miss Bouquet collection is now available on the City Chic site:


I especially like this top, which is so delicate and feminine. The ruffles remind me of flower petals:



12th August 2010, 03:53
City Chic has now published a lookbook online from this shoot:


One of the photos is posted on the site's cover page too:


Very nice pictures, although I think that the video caught Blaise with even softer and dreamier expressions.

My own favourite piece from the collection is this dress, which looks soooo good on Courtney's voluptuous figure. It reminds me of a style that Kelsey Olson and Christina Schmidt once modelled for Torrid, each in different colours.