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1st August 2010, 00:53
The most distinguished and popular model/client pairing in the plus-size industry's history continues this fall as Barbara Brickner headlines the new Fall 2010 campaign for Reitmans.

Although it is (unfortunately) another studio campaign, Barbara looks especially gorgeous in this season's promotion. Her tresses are longer and more voluptuous than I've ever seen them, and she infuses her images with joy, energy, and sensuality.

Like all plus-size goddesses, Barbara looks stunning in camis. Purple has always been a terrific colour on her, with its regal associations. Doesn't she looks particularly beautiful in the image on the right? Her hairstyle is full-bodied and voluminous.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_049_D1.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_052_D1.jpg

I love the more refined, aristocratic pose that she presents in this image - a fitting choice on her part, since the photo has her showing off a classier top. Lavender (which is in the purple family) is another splendid colour on Barbara.


Here she looks more playful again, showing off another cami, while in the image on the right her expression is utterly delightful. I love how her tresses flow in the wind.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_051_D2.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_042_D.jpg

Plaid is probably the least feminine fabric/pattern that I can imagine, but the miracle of a true plus-size goddess is that she can even make an outfit like this look attractive. Notice how her body forms the shirt on the left into a feminine shape, showing off her buxom curves.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_044_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_046_D.jpg

I love this pose! Barbara looks so happy and carefree here. I always feel better about myself when I see her images. It's like she transmits her body confidence to the viewer right across the computer screen.


The last two images are reproduced a bit smaller, but the picture on the left might be the most size-positive in the entire campaign. Wrap tops are extremely sensual on curvaceous models, and the allure of Barbara's figure, as the top defines it, is that not only does she have voluptuous contours, but also a natural fullness at the waist and hips. The result is a very womanly, desirable silhouette.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/sideImages/PIC_048_E.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/sideImages/PIC_045_E.jpg

Here's the link to the Reitmans site:


M. Lopez
5th September 2010, 01:36
Although it sorely lacks the gorgeous locations of the recent Borgelt (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1934) campaign, fans of Barbara Brickner will still want to visit Reitmans.com to see the newest images from the model's fall campaign.

This is my favourite, an example of the kind of effortless, curvy beauty that epitomizes Barbara.


The image on the right shows the outline of the model's bust and hips. The top is simple, but I like the colour, and, as the image shows, if the wearer is curvy, the top will present a feminine shape.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_110_D2.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0115_D.jpg

That really is the key as to why these outfits work - because Barbara has womanly proportions, so either her hips or her reverse-view curves will give the ensembles pleasingly rounded contours.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0106_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0117_D.jpg

Very nice to see a skirt for a change, in the outfit on the left. And the top on the right displays a nice hint of a curvy abdomen.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0113_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_104_D2.jpg

Barbara's trademark open-mouthed smile, in the picture on the right.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_107_D1.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_111_D.jpg

Confidence and beauty galore.

http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0108_D.jpg http://content.reitmans.com/images/collection/large/PIC_0114_D.jpg

The newest Reitmans flyer is quite a substantial brochure - 38 pages long - and includes larger versions of some of Barbara's images, so it too is worth a view. Here's the link:


6th September 2010, 03:52
I met Barbara for the first time almost nine years ago. She is quite possibly more beautiful now than she was then.