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3rd August 2010, 01:47
Just announced today, Full-Figured Fashion Week will be coming to Los Angeles at the end of October:



This is incredibly exciting! I hope that some of the site's favourite West Coast models will be participating in this thrilling event. FFFWeek has consistently cast models size 14 and higher, so we can count on the organizers to create a truly size-positive event, once again. After the remarkable success of this year's New York show, I can't wait to see what the L.A. edition has in store for us.

M. Lopez
6th August 2010, 22:50
The model submissions for FFFWeek are now open (the designer submissions opened a couple of days ago):


The requirements reaffirm everything that makes me love FFFWeek so much:

# Minimum height- 5”7 without heels (if you are a plus petite model, you are encouraged to submit but...first consideration will be given to models who are at least 5’7”)

# Dress size- 14-22
Let's hear that again: Dress size is a 14 minimum. Yes! This, this is how the plus-size fashion industry should organize itself - always. The idea that a model below a size 14 is plus size is ludicrous. Plus size begins at a 14 and goes up from that. From the pictures of past FFFWeeks, I know that the models are 16s, 18s, and so forth. And oh, I'd love to see some 22s too!

And how fantastic that the show takes models 5'7. That is so much better than the print market, which often requires a few inches' more height. There is no reason whatsoever why plus-size models need to be tall, as curves look very shapely on models with normal heights.

FFFWeek gets it right, where so many entities get it wrong. Size 14 should be the minimum for every print or runway job. Bravo to Gwen DeVoe for guiding the industry along the right path.

19th August 2010, 12:51
A press release on the FFFWeek site notes some of the activities that will be part of this event:


Some particulars:

And exciting line-up of panels and events will be capped off with a full-scale fashion showcase hosted by Full Figured Fashion Week™ creator and executive director, Gwen DeVoe. [...] This a celebration of curvy bodies, so we're looking for designers who know how to show them off best. We want designs that will accentuate, not hide, our plus-size selves.

A full schedule of designers and events will be available on September 1st.
I love that design philosophy- "accentuate, not hide." That's the way it should be.

Also, it's good to hear that there will be some panels again. I hope that many industry professionals attend them, if only to listen. Among other topics, the panels at the New York show stressed customer preference for true plus-size models, not the faux-plus variety. It would be nice if the industry took this to heart.

And I earnestly hope that the final show will feature some Judgment of Paris favourites.

12th September 2010, 14:39
Today FFFWeek sent out a list of the events that will take place in L.A.

Saturday night is the big show:

* THURSDAY - Our Opening Night event features a silent auction of pink cocktail dresses, evening gowns and accessories. Auction proceeds will be donated to LA Komen for a Cure Foundation. This is the perfect event to break out those pink diamonds!

* FRIDAY - Our popular panel discussions return on Friday. They include: The PLUS Side of Business, the Aspiring Model Workshop/Panel and the State of the Curvy Community Panel. Dialogue is good for the community!

* FRIDAY NIGHT - Designer Trunk Sale and Networking will also take place on Friday night. Admission is FREE if you've purchased your ticket to the Finale Event on Saturday.

*SATURDAY NIGHT - Saturday evening kicks off our semi-formal runway event featuring the hottest collections across the nation all worn by beautiful curvy models and celebrities.

*SATURDAY LATE NIGHT - After the runway show, join us for the official Masquerade Afterparty event at the X Bar in the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Game on!
Tickets go on sale tonight, just before midnight. It's sure to be another amazing success!

13th September 2010, 09:01
Tickets for all of the events are now on sale:


I do hope that the final runway show will include some Judgment of Paris favourites. And how nice to see that the organizers went ahead and created a masquerade ball as an afterparty. It sounds like fun.

M. Lopez
24th October 2010, 13:23
I think it's worth reminding everyone that advance tickets to the events of FFFWeek L.A. are only on sale until the end of the day today (Sunday).

Here's the direct link:


True plus-size models on the runway - a must-see!

27th October 2010, 23:22
<br>FFFWeek in Los Angeles is now just a few days away, and although advance ticked sales are now closed, the event planners indicate that <i>"a limited amount of tickets will be sold at the door,"</i> for those of you who would still like to attend.

This is as good a thread as any to celebrate the newest test image of the gorgeous Rosie Mercado, the "Face of Full-Figured Fashion Week." And what a face it is! Rosie is famous for her sumptuous size-26/28 curves, but in this image, her facial features appear especially lovely. Perhaps it is the eye-catching updo hairstyle, or perhaps it is the model's sensual, vulnerable expression, but for whatever reason, Rosie face appears especially full and lovely in this image. The glimpse of the model's bare neck area is most seductive. Also, although this is a half-length shot, it provides an alluring sense of the substantiality of the model's figure, the luxuriant breadth of her physique. She seems grand and imperious with her regal weight, yet at the same time, the soft, beseeching look in her eyes makes her appear youthful, almost girlish.

Observe how gently the belt fits around her magnificent waist, not daring to compress her luxuriant proportions. The fur tunic gives the image a Neolithic touch, as if the model were the empress of a prehistoric tribe, and one of her clan's hunters had slain many wolves to dress her in a garment made from their grey pelts. Her entire clan would constantly venture out to hunt fresh game in lavish quantities to supply her with the copious provender she craves. She, meanwhile, would sit at her elegant ease in the clan's great hall, passively enjoying the tribute that her many suitors would bring her. The entire tribe would be united through one impulse: their ardent worship of her opulent beauty, their passionate love of their young, well-fed queen.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/rm/rm50a.jpg"></center><p>Rosie's many fans will be delighted to know that she plans to attend FFFWeek in L.A., a fact which makes the event unmissable in and of itself.

- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/rm/rm50.jpg" target="_blank">Click to view image at a larger size</a>