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7th August 2010, 15:09
The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival (Festival mode et design de Montréal -- www.festivalmodedesign.com) is in its tenth year now, a major fashion show in Canada's fashion capital.

This year, the event was distinguished by the inclusion of a special fashion show that took place yesterday called "Le défilé de la diversité corporelle" (link (http://www.festivalmodedesign.com/defiles/single/defile/39)), featuring a variety of models including Canada's most gorgeous plus-size model, Justine Legault.

Here's a picture of Justine on the runway. She looks absolutely stunning! The closely fitted top defines her luscious size-14 curves and shows off her Classically curvaceous pear-shaped figure, while the skirt reveals her gorgeous legs -- the best legs of any plus-size model today.


She's far more beautiful than any of the underweight models who otherwise participated in the show. That outfit looks fantastic on her. Bravo to the Festival Mode & Design for featuring such a gorgeous plus-size model.

7th August 2010, 15:42
A little searching turned up a few more images of Justine in this show. These are all credited to the Facebook page of the "ModeTrotterBlog":


I love how the screen behind her shows her buxom curves in profile:


She looks so graceful on the runway. Nice to see those celebrated shapely legs. And how wonderful that this was an outdoor event. It gives the show a certain flavour.


Here are two photos apparently showing Justine arriving at the event in what I assume is her own outfit. So very pretty.



Justine is a goddess. I'm delighted that she was asked to participate in this show. Between this runway appearance and her amazing recent magazine editorials, the Quebec fashion industry seems to recognize what a star they have in her!

7th August 2010, 19:28
Justine is a beautiful pear-shape. How gorgeous she is in this casual outfit showing up. I'm stunned.

10th August 2010, 07:33
So far, I've found one article in the Canadian press about this runway show.


It comes with an image of Justine -- a small picture, but very pretty.


She was definitely the star of the show.

20th August 2010, 19:09
The official Web site of the "Festival Mode et Design Montreal" now features a brief video of the runway show in which Justine walked. As it turns out she showed off two looks, not just one, although the first look is merely a jumpsuit.

Here is the link:


Justine is the second model to appear in the show, in her first ensemble. But the beautiful outfit that appeared in all of the pictures earlier in this thread turns up a bit later, almost exactly halfway through the video. She looks stunning! Watch how, as she does her pose at the end of the runway, a gust of wind catches her blonde tresses and makes them flow in the breeze. A lovely moment.