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10th August 2010, 20:55
It's always a pleasure to see new images of adorable Kailee O'Sullivan (Hughes Models, London; Click NY)- even if her work is for a continental client. Many European companies are notorious for producing figure-disguising "drapey" garments and for shooting models to look as non-plus as possible, and that is generally true in this particular case, with Kailee showcasing the "Sempre Piu" line for a company called Chalou.

However, Kailee looks utterly gorgeous. Her facial features have never been prettier. Her poses are unfailingly graceful, and in addition to her many pretty expressions, she adopts some sophisticated and dramatic looks that endow the campaign with great interest.

This image comes closest to showing off Kailee's luscious curves.


Here's an uncommonly youthful ensemble from Sempre Piu. She looks terrific in purple.


Here's one of Kailee's most intriguing expressions. Look at those eyes. She appears vain and all-knowing here, intensely alluring.


I love the aloofness of her expression in this shot- an Upper East Side look, without a doubt.


The most eye-catching looks are invariably the shots where a goddess is seen playing with her hair.


I love how serene her expression is in this picture. So gentle and angelic.


This is bolder and more direct. I wish the images were larger. Even when the outfits are only so-so, you still want to look at the pictures to drink in Kailee's beauty and to be affected by her expressions.


This is a Barbara Brickner trademark- the modest, looking-downwards pose. Kailee does it so lyrically.


Here's a different take on the playing-with-her-tresses pose. In this case, Kailee has a slight smile on her lips and a faraway gaze, as if the memory of a past dalliance is bringing pleasurable thoughts to mind. This poochy smile makes her face look especially pretty.


I've never thought of Kailee as the cowboy-hat type (at all), but she just goes for it and makes it work. She adopts this minx-like, naughty, come-hither glance, and any guy who gets fixed with this look is sure to become Kailee's "catch" in an instant.


Here's a really fascinating expression: lips slightly parted, a hungry look. Steamy and seductive.


Very proud and self-assured here.


More casual and playful. The touch of ruching at the bust adds at least a bit of interest to the outfit. (I wish the Sempre Piu clothing were more youthful.)


The photographer lit Kailee's face in a very attractive way in these pictures, showing how cinematic her features are. I could easily imagine her as a silver-screen starlet, with those high cheekbones, those soft feminine features.


Her eyes are mesmerizing in this picture; again, with the lips parted, a thrilling look.


Back to something more relaxed and casual.


Here's one of Kailee's unique expressions, one that came up for discussion in her Judgment of Paris interview- the look of vulnerability; a slightly spoiled, irresistibly needy look.


I like this photo because you can see a bit more fullness in Kailee's face than in most of the pictures, and it makes her features appear especially doll-like and pretty.


I still have a hard time imaging Kailee in hats, but she always looks terrific. I could sooner see her in the kind of big, ornate, wide-brimmed sun hats that ladies of Lillian Russell's day would wear.


Here are a couple of what I would call "business" poses, which Kailee still manages to make interesting due to her stunning innate beauty and youthful femininity.



A nice touch- playing with the scarf.


This is a very traditional pose- actually quite rare for Kailee; but the outfit's style appears to be from a previous decade, so the pose suits it.


There are many more pictures of Kailee at the Sempre Piu site. Here's the link:


She looks gorgeous in every shot, and what's more, she never repeats herself, but always finds a new approach, even after dozens of different photos.

Kailee is a living goddess, but she's also a brilliant and talented model. It's a pleasure to see this new campaign to admire her beauty and to marvel at her creativity and originality.