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15th August 2010, 15:45
<br>Given that the luscious Mayara Russi turned up in both recent threads about Brazil's top plus-size models (stealing the show on both occasions), it would appear to be high time to give this Brazilian goddess a thread of her own.

Question: What is even more exciting than a gorgeous size-18 plus-size model?

Answer: A gorgeous <i>size-20</i> plus-size model.

That's right: Although Mayara's Sem Medida <a href="http://www.psmg.com.br/paginamodelo.asp?ativo=Sim&secao=Cat%E1logo%20de%20modelos&subsecao=Resultado%20final&area=&id=45" target="_blank">page</a> lists her as a size 48 (U.S. size 18), a more recent <a href="http://vilamulher.terra.com.br/mayara-russi-a-top-plus-size-14-1-33-15.html" target="_blank">article</a> clearly states that she is . . . a size 50 (U.S. size 20).

The heart beats.

No wonder she surpasses her peers in attractiveness. No wonder she appears more alluring in her most recent work than in her past images. The extra fullness softens her facial features, enriches her figure, and makes her altogether more desirable.

Here, for example, is Mayara in a swimwear image from Brazil's recent "Fashion Weeked Plus-Size." This is easily one of the most luscious swim pictures that any full-figured goddess has ever created. <i>This</I> is what a plus-size model should look like.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/mayara01.jpg"></center><p>As a complement, the following image admirably showcases the beauty of Mayara's facial features, with her adorable apple cheeks. Miss Russi is 21 years old, and her youth is evident in her pretty face.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/mayara02.jpg"></center><p>One of Mayara's main clients is <a href="http://www.kauemodas.com.br/" target="_blank">KauÍ Modas</a>, a Brazilian plus-size label. She has appeared throughout their catalogues for two seasons now, and with every shoot she becomes more attractive.

Generally, Miss Russi's seductive, serious expressions are more effective than her smiling shots, but the following image is charming. She beams with joy and self-satisfaction. The romantic waviness of her hairstyle greatly enhances her beauty, while her extra weight adds alluring richness to her facial features.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue01.jpg"></center><p>Just inside the catalogue, one discovers a photograph of Mayara at her sensual best. Her robust curves endow this somewhat professional outfit with undeniable feminine appeal.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue02.jpg"></center><p>Another smiling picture hints at the model's most desirable figure feature--the luxurious fullness of her waist. Her comfortable, well-fed beauty is utterly irresistible.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue03.jpg"></center><p>Mayara's finest "happy" image shows her in a cozy sweater in our favourite shade of royal purple. Her buxom curves form the sweater into a pleasing shape, while her faraway gaze is highly romantic, and showcases the loveliness of her face. The hairstyle is enchanting.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue04.jpg"></center><p>The opulence of Mayara's figure enhances the womanliness of more conservative outfits as well. Here, her buxom contours seek to escape from the confines of the jacket--a subtle yet eye-catching way for a goddess to infuse a professional ensemble with raw sensuality.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue05.jpg"></center><p>Even when she adopts a more modest pose, the model's voluptuous curves catch the eye. The persona that she creates here is that of a contemporary woman who still allowed herself to indulge freely in life's pleasures.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue06.jpg"></center><p>In another KauÍ catalogue cover Mayara experiments with an almost wolf-life, mysterious expression. Yet the fullness in her face softens the effect and still renders the impression very feminine.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue07.jpg"></center><p>This pleasingly abbreviated dress displays the model's sumptuous thighs and legs. A goddess as full-figured as this need never torture herself in a gym prison, for her natural fullness endows her physique with a pleasing, Classical shape.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue08.jpg"></center><p>The most alluring KauÍ image of all is the following, which acknowledges the opulence of Mayara's physique better than any other. Her overall proportions appear large and generous. Her voluptuous tresses echo the magnificence of her figure.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue09.jpg"></center><p>For those of you whose monitors have low gamma contrast, the following, brightened version of the same image reveals why this picture is so captivating: it clearly indicates the luscious fullness of the model's waist, as defined by her dark top. Her pose, however, communicates the model's belief that she is the most desirable woman in the world. This mixture of lavish fullness and seductive vanity is what makes Mayara so irresistible, so subversive, such a living goddess.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue09a.jpg"></center><p>For the most recent KauÍ catalogue, the model revisits her characteristic, hungry demeanour.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mr/kaue10.jpg"></center><p><center>* * *</center><p>Mayara may be the most attractive of the many South American goddesses (including Agatha, Andrea, Stephane, Marcia, etc.) that our readers have recently discovered. Her fleshier figure gives her an advantage over her peers, and whenever she appears with her fellow Brazilian goddesses and is photographed well, she stands out as the prima donna in the group.

In many ways, the Brazilian plus-size industry puts North American full-figure fashion to shame. Brazil thankfully rejects faux-plus girls and readily embraces plus-size models in the sizes that they <i>should</i> possess (16, 18, 20 . . .).

We earnestly wish Mayara future career successes--and hope that she never loses a single lovely pound, or a single beautiful inch, but preserves or increases her abundant proportions.

We also hope that the Brazilian plus-size industry will serve as a beacon to its North American equivalent, reminding them what <i>full-figured</i> beauty is all about.

- <a href="http://www.kauemodas.com.br/" target="_blank">KauÍ Moda</a>

15th August 2010, 15:53
I absolutely love seeing these size-18 and size-20 plus-size models on this site. They surpass in beauty any and all straight-size models. There simply is no comparison!

20th August 2010, 14:04
Mayara is absolutely stunning. I hope she doesn't diminish herself, because she's gorgeous just the way she is. Without exaggeration, she's one of the most beautiful plus-size models in the world. If only all plus-size models were a size 20...

Here are some more images of the gorgeous Miss Russi. First, the Kaue site shows an online editorial in which she appeared. The sight of her surrounded by so much food in the top picture, at the picnic, is cheeky and playful. She looks fantastic, like she's the princess and the other women are her handmaidens, serving her wishes. In the middle picture, the close-up, her face looks very full and lovely.


Here she is draped in the Brazilian flag, as part of a promotion for the World Cup. With such luscious inspiration, I'm amazed that the team didn't win!


Here are a number of images of Mayara at "Fashion Weekend Plus Size," the Brazilian equivalent of FFFWeek. First, another view of her in that swimsuit. Just look at her expression - so vain and well-fed and seductive.


Looking very curvaceous:


A sexy pin-up style. But no '50s pin-up was ever as desirable as Mayara:



This may be my favourite Mayara picture of all, even though it's a bit blurred. She looks so alluring, with luscious fullness in her face and sensual weight around her middle.


A view of the same outfit from the side, showing her opulent curves.


All of her FWPS pictures are stunning because she adopts a steamy, vain look on the runway that is highly seductive. Here's at least one larger picture, showing her modelling a wedding dress.


She reminds me of a fuller-figured version of Jennifer Morrison from the first seasons of House M.D., when she played Dr. Allison Cameron as a brunette.


Mayara has the perfect figure for a plus-size model, and a beautiful face as well. She represents what the full-figured fashion industry should be all about, and she exemplifies the kinds of models who should represent it - models who are gorgeous and truly plus-looking.

20th August 2010, 16:12
Here are several more images of the sumptuous Mayara.

First, a very dramatic headshot.


Next, a pair of shots showing her gorgeous curves on the runway:



This is by far my favourite image because it shows the sensual swell around her waist:


She is a true goddess.

21st August 2010, 17:12
The American fashion industry would be well-served to take note of Brazil's plus-size movement. Obviously, true plus-size models aren't a novelty item in their eyes, but an essential component of authentic size celebration. Mayara Russi is a magnificent representation of what a plus-size model should be and could be if the rest of the world would wake up and fall in line.

21st August 2010, 20:09
I mean this in every way possible - one can never have too much of a gorgeous plus-size model. Thus one can never have too much of Mayara Russi.

I found one more client for whom she's currently working - a company called "Glamur Fashion":


Here are a number of Mayara's images from their online catalogue. In the first picture, you can definitely sense the fullness of her magnificent figure, especially in contrast to the ridiculous faux-plus standard of the American industry.


What a pleasure it is to see these Brazilian companies fielding so many sleeveless styles. Mayara has such shapely arms that she should always wear sleeveless.




Of course, she's very buxom as well.


An outfit that hints at her curvy waist.


Showing off a great pair of legs.


In royal purple.


The cover page offers a bigger picture of Mayara.


The site features several more images of this stunning beauty.

All of her work demonstrates that clothing looks fantastic on a size-20 model. Why so many U.S. and European companies settle for skinny faux-plus models who look indistinguishable from straight-size girls is beyond me. The American industry has many girls who are truly curvy (Charlotte Coyle, Katherine Roll are in the size-18 range, and Kelsey Olson is a size 16). Models this size, and this beautiful, should appear in every plus-size fashion campaign.

23rd August 2010, 00:48
Mayara appears to be the signature model for Brazilian retailer Silvana Leite (http://www.silvanaleite.com.br). Here she is modeling a dress that really showcases her beautiful arms, shoulders and waist:


In these next shots, Mayara looks stunning in white tops:



This dress is supposed to be businesslike, but Mayara makes it special:


Mayara also has a blog (http://mayararussi.blogspot.com/) at which there is a video slideshow of a Silvana Leite collection from a previous season, as well as several others.

23rd August 2010, 05:10
In these next shots, Mayara looks stunning in white tops:

What makes that image especially gorgeous is how she seductively displays her curvaceous hips.

Mayara's 'blog shows her work from past seasons, and what it proves more than anything is how much more gorgeous she is now, at her curvier size, than she was formerly. Not only has she become more beautiful, but she seems to feel more seductive. Her expressions in her most recent images, like this Silvana Leite campaign, are more alluring. This is a case in point:


It's as if she realizes that the extra weight has made her more desirable. She certainly appears to be proud of her voluptuousness and is secure enough to show it off.



Her romantically wavy hairstyle adds so much to her allure. The measured messiness is wickedly seductive.



More than anything else, it's the snug fit of these outfits that makes them so appealing. Mayara's expression in the first image shows that she knows just how irresistible she is:



A sensual reverse view.


This image is a fantastic celebration of the opulent curves of Mayara's waist. The devilish glint in her eye makes her even more bewitching.


There's no way that any size-10/12 model could make these outfits look half as gorgeous as does this size-20 goddess.