View Full Version : Torrid: House of Dreams - Kristina (#16)

22nd August 2010, 14:00
I've somewhat lost interest in Torrid these last few months when Kelsey Olson hasn't appeared in their promotions, but I stumbled across the latest "House of Dreams" model competition hosted by the company, and found one girl who seems to have the look of timeless beauty, so I hope she becomes one of the finalists.

Now, it's really, really hard to judge a model's look by a single image, which is why I wish Torrid would feature more than just an individual tiny headshot for each girl. However, based on facial features, Kristina is extremely pretty. She has long blonde tresses, light-coloured eyes, fair skin, and a soft, babylike look to her.


Some of the contestants unfortunately look very skinny in their headshots, faux-plus at best, but Kristina appears to be one of the curvier girls. For her lovely face and, I assume, her plus-size figure, I really hope she becomes one of the finalsts.

You can vote for her by selecting #16 on Torrid's survey page:


You can also click on the "Like" button on this page. The two voting methods appear to be separate, so you can actually vote for her in two ways.


She really seems lovely. I hope she makes it further.