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M. Lopez
31st October 2005, 15:46
The plus-size modeling industry in Europe differs from country to country, as far as I can tell - in terms of the size of the models, the "look" that they seek, and so forth.

The Netherlands is probably the most interesting case, because of all the European countries, it most prefers fuller-figured models. Regrettably, though, it still goes for the "lifestyle" rather than high-fashion look, so the models tend to be plain rather than beautiful. Maybe this is what the U.S. industry would have been like, if there had never been a Mode magazine to give it a more fashionable sensibility.

One model who is sort-of positioned in the middle of this - not quite drop-dead gorgeous, but not without some measure of beauty - is Linda Caffa, with Euromodel.nl. She's a Dutch size 46, which I think is a U.S. size 16.


She even has an official Web site.


The best section is the "Lingerie" page, where the pictures are actually very demure, and not racy at all.

Her face is somewhat oval rather than round, but when she's photographed well, she does have a look.

13th November 2005, 05:56
My name is Wendy from Holland. I've seen a lot of pictures from Linda
and I think she is a real example for the plussize models in Holland.
I am Dutch too.

When you see a small model showing cloths for a plussize clothing-store, you still don't know how it will fit an look on yourself as a big girl.
So I think it's good that there ar coming more and more plussize models :)

greetings Wendy