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24th August 2010, 21:53
Get ready. You are about to see the most gorgeous and size-positive swimwear images ever created. And of course, they feature size-20 Brazilian plus-size model Mayara Russi.

I found them as part of an article on a Brazilian site called Ego, which is apparently a celebrity/fashion-type portal. The article was just posted today:


The cover image is tantalizing, showing Mayara lounging sensually on a deck chair, surrounded by Andrea Boschim and several other Brazilian models. Mayara looks beautiful here, with a lovely smile. You can see the shapely fullness of her arms.


Undoubtedly, though, the image leaves you thinking, "What a pity that Mayara isn't featured by herself, with more of an open display of her curves." At least, that's what I was thinking - until I discovered this amazing slideshow linked from the same article:


Once I started browsing through it, my heart stopped, because I discovered three panels boldly presenting Mayara's luscious curves, lovingly defined by her swimsuit.

I can hardly believe that this image exists; it's so stunning. It shows how buxom she is, how soft a figure she possesses, and even how luscious and full she is around the midsection. Even more exciting, though, is her pose. It's like she's deliberately pulling open her swim cover in order to dazzle the viewer with the sight of her sumptuous, well-fed figure. And look at that steamy expression. No Sports Illustrated model was ever as seductively vain and confident about her body as Mayara is.


But there's more. Much more. In the following image, the swim cover is off, showing the soft fullness of her arms. You can also see the unconstrained swell around her waist. Her poses are so...erotic; that's the only word for them.


But it's the final pair of swim images that surpass anything I've ever seen. In the side view, Mayara proudly shows off the sensual fullness around her middle. She also showcases her opulent thighs. Has there ever been a more seductive display of ideal plus-size beauty than this?


As if those images weren't revolutionary enough, the article also comes with a second slideshow, featuring the Brazilian bomshells showing off casual styles.


Once again, in the group image, it is Mayara, right in the centre of the frame, who steals the show. Look at how self-assured and regal she looks.


Her solo images are intoxicating. The outfit is so-so, but on Mayara's splendid figure it looks gorgeous, defining her voluptuous curves and pressing against her waist.


Mayara surely has the finest figure of any plus-size model working today. Only if Shannon Marie were to shoot a swimwear editorial could any plus-size model ever create swim images to surpass these. Only Kelsey Olson's swim pictures are as beautiful.

Beyond even Mayara's figure, though, it is her steamy expressions and sensual poses that are so captivating. She doesn't look self-conscious or modest; she looks like she knows exactly how desirable she is. All size-20 goddesses should feel this way. Mayara shows them how.

26th August 2010, 00:37
Mayara is absolutely breathtaking -- more so in these pictures than in any prior images. If I were to visually define what the ideal full-figured model should be, I would invoke Kelsey or Charlotte Coyle for the fair-haired plus-size models and Mayara for the brunette plus-size models.

Her figure is exquisite, and when she adopts such sensual facial expressions, her face is that of a goddess.

The photographer also deserves tremendous praise for photographing Mayara in such a size-positive way.

The Brazilian plus-size industry is young, but it is putting the rest of the world to shame through its admirable appreciation of genuinely curvy figures. In particular, Brazil's boldness is a reproach to the American industry, much of which has descended into British-style faux-plus territory. The U.S. should look to Brazil, to Mayara, to rediscover what plus-size models are supposed to look like.

1st September 2010, 20:35
Has there ever been a more seductive display of ideal plus-size beauty than this?

I can't even begin to say how inspiring I find these pictures, especially the photo on the left. What a pleasure, what a relief, to see a very alluring model who really and truly is full-figured. She wears her swimsuit so proudly, so confidently. These gorgeous pictures can make any girl who has had body hang-ups free herself of her needless concerns and go to the beach.

If anyone ever asks me what I want from the plus-size industry, what kinds of models I wish to see, what size, what look, this is what I'll show them. Mayara is young, she knows she's sexy, she knows she looks fantastic and doesn't need to lose a single pound; this is how all curvy girls should feel about themselves.

Mayara is by far one of my favourite models, as well as Kelsey and Katherine Roll.