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27th August 2010, 21:53
While I realize that celebrities are generally not worth talking about on this site, new pictures of Jessica Simpson have emerged that are really very attractive, and deserve mention.


She looks truly buxom, and even her arms appear soft and untoned. Also, her facial expression, with that girlish pout, is uncommonly pretty.


Obviously she is still quite thin, but for a celebrity even to be this curvy is a sign of progress.


This is the most beautiful picture of all, because not only can you see a sensual swell at her waist, but even a luscious curve under her chin. The extra fullness agrees with her.


Shapely reverse-view curves:


There's a complete gallery at the following page:


27th August 2010, 23:00
Apparently Jessica is putting out a fashion line which will debut at New York fashion week, and she will be enlisting non-skinny models to showcase the designs:


The pertinent point:

The curvy singer - who has faced criticism for her weight in the past - is reportedly set to turn her back on the trend of using skinny models in her New York Fashion Week show in September, and instead has decided to use real women to showcase her clothing collection.

An insider told Life and Style magazine: "Jessica Simpson plans to unveil her latest collection for the media at New York Fashion Week in September, but there's a twist. Instead of using super-skinny models to showcase her designs, Jessica has decided to send her best friends - real women in real sizes - down the aisle.
While I applaud the idea of Jessica rejecting underweight models, I wish that she would use professional plus-size models to showcase her line rather than "real" women. Then, the images of the fuller models on the catwalk would show attractive goddesses, which would persuade more of the public to embrace timeless beauty. If this runway show features ordinary/homely individuals, then the comparison with the professional skinny models will be unfavourable. Also, in terms of runway technique, plus-size models would be able to walk the runway like seasoned pros, whereas the "real" women will lack technique.

At any rate, Jessica does look attractive and shapely -- at least, for a celebrity -- in those images.