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28th August 2010, 20:06
As part of the fantastic Kelsey Olson interview on this site, I remember reading the sad fact that the German plus-size industry is plagued by faux-plus thinking, with many clients refusing to book actual full-figured models, and many agencies neglecting to represent such talents.

The MOS agency (Models Organisation Service) has previously been identified as an exception to this rule, although it generally represents more commercial talent. Well, today, I have a real discovery to share with Judgment of Paris readers -- a girl represented by MOS who is not only the most beautiful German model I've ever seen, but is one of the most gorgeous plus-size models in the world.

Her name is Isabel. Here's her online portfolio at MOS:


Just look at this breathtaking headshot. She possesses every trait of timeless beauty, from blonde hair to fair eyes to a peaches-and-cream complexion. Best of all, she shows some weight in her face, which makes her adorable and sensual and doll like. This is one of the loveliest pictures I've ever seen of any model:


These photos in her book obviously come from single test, the backgrounds of which appear to have been inspired by the "Natural Ideal" post (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1745) from earlier this year. It seems so right to see this goddess in the midst of a field of wildflowers in full bloom:


Her profile is so noble and classical, like a marble bust of Aphrodite:


The black and whites lose the lovely outdoor colours, unfortunately, but these are still enchanting pictures, like something out of a dream.


Isabel may have doll-like beauty, but there's an intelligence in her eyes too. I love the hair accessories.


It's as if these pictures were created especially for this site.


Isabel's book also includes a Polaroid, which shows that her attractiveness is no mere camera trick. She genuinely is as perfect as her photos indicate.


For something different, her book also includes several interesting tear sheets that, while more contemporary, are still very attractive. Also, they show off her figure. At 42"-34"-44", she's just barely a size 14, so it would be wonderful if she could become fuller figured; but she does have some curves.




Here are two more standard fashion images, which show how effective she is at modelling basics.



Isabel is a ravishing goddess, and curvier than the usual faux-plus European parameters. It would be wonderful to see more of her work.

Here's the link to her agency:


Patrick D
29th August 2010, 22:29
She is truly gorgeous, hopefully we will see more of her. She has the most beautiful face this side of Chloe Agnew

1st September 2010, 20:27
For something different, her book also includes several interesting tear sheets that, while more contemporary, are still very attractive.


That picture reminds me so much of one of Charlotte Coyle's legendary Torrid ads, from the turquoise background to the pink beverage:


If Isabel could develop Charlotte's curves, she'd be most of the most important models in the industry.