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6th September 2010, 04:57
Is there anything more exciting for plus-size model fans than discovering new images of Mayara Russi?

I think not.

I just stumbled upon a new campaign by Mayara for a denim line called "Idalina Moreira":


I have never, ever seen a company shoot a plus-size model, let alone a luscious size-20 plus-size model, in such a celebratory way. The site's cover image appears inspired by Shannon Marie's famous over-the-shoulder MODE picture, except that Mayara is shown in very snug denim that closely embraces her generous reverse-view curves.


The rest of the images on the designer's Web page are rather small, but I found another Brazilian site that features those images and more from this collection reproduced at a larger size.


It includes a second take on the cover picture, except the version on the designer's Web page is even more beautiful and daring.


But the picture that made me gasp, that is surely one of the most alluring plus-size images ever photographed, is this one. It's perfect beyond words. Not only does it celebrate Mayara's sumptuous reverse view, but it shows off her full arms and even the soft curves of the model's upper back.


The designer's site includes a different take. With Mayara in purple, this is a definitive presentation of plus-size beauty.


This company clearly loves every single detail of Mayara's figure, from her buxom curves to her full waist to her hips and thighs. The denim fits her like a second skin. This communicates a tremendous appreciation of the well-fed female figure.


Once again, the designer's site shows an even more celebratory take, one that really showcases the model's curvy middle.


Can you believe the next picture even exists? The model's pose is so uber-confident, and the glint in her eye so saucy. She appears to be deliberately showing off the fullness of her waist, knowing how alluring it is. This picture must be from an alternative universe where plus-size beauty is recognized as the ideal -- as it should be.


Unlike her Kaue campaigns, in these pictures Mayara's smile is very pretty. I adore the next two photos, both showing the same outfit. The first one has the model adopting a more sensual pose, but the second one is more boldly pro-curvy. I love the outdoor photography of many of the pictures, showing a narrow flower-bedecked street that reminds me of a path in a European old town.


The soft swell of her middle is overwhelmingly seductive.


What makes many of the images in this campaign so size-positive is that the denim is very tight, therefore defining Mayara's opulent curves as vividly as if she were wearing a swimsuit.


Many women in North American are (needlessly) self-conscious about having curvy abdomens, but these pictures of Mayara show how frankly sexy such curves can be.


This is a definitive plus-size fit.



Another terrific shot of Mayara's reverse-view curves.


Casually pretty.


Just look at the round fullness of the model's waist, as lovingly defined by this top, which fits so closely around the model's middle. This is 100% curve adoration. Only in Brazil.



Alluring hand-in-the-hair pose.


If only the North American industry would wake up and begin shooting plus-size fashion on genuinely full-figured models like Mayara. The results would delight the public, and would help truly curvy women get over their body hang-ups and recognize their beauty.

B. R.
7th September 2010, 17:02
These images are amazing! Everyone shooting plus-size models needs to take note of what these Brazilian designers and photographers are doing right now. Plus-size beauty is about celebrating curves, not hiding them, "controlling" them, or "slimming" them.

On a side note: I wouldn't presume to create more work for the webmaster, but I'd love to see a Mayara Russi gallery here on the site. It would also be nice to see her added to the survey page, primarily because of her own beauty, but also to replace some of the models who have unfortunately fallen away (I'm still a little sad about Anna Loukachenets).