View Full Version : Toccara: ''Plus-size is great''

7th September 2010, 02:37
One thing I've always admired about Toccara Jones is the fact that she truly embraces the "plus-size" label. So many women, and particularly so many models, shy away from this term, but she glories in it.

Consider these comments in her interview in the British newspaper The Mirror:


Toccara says:

I think plus size is great, Iíd rather be a plus than a negative. Plus means more, thereís more of me to love. I donít know why people think itís negative, because I donít. Look ďplusĒ up in the dictionary and tell me where is the sadness or negativity.'This reflects a very positive mindset, I think -- one that I wish many women could adopt.

7th September 2010, 10:04
I think it's so strange that she says that after she lost so much weight that she is barely recognizable!!!

11th September 2010, 00:26
Well hopefully she doesn't lose any more weight! I do love her attitude about plus-size beauty and I hope others continue to speak out boldly in favor of full-figured femininity Seeing others in the industry continue to promote such an aesthetic may be what is needed to create the conditions that can establish full-figured women as the norm.