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9th September 2010, 03:38
As you start to research the plus-size industry in Brazil, you quickly discover just how extensive it is. (Who knew?)

Doing so also leads to the sobering realization that even just one of its models, Mayara Russi, is producing more images of true size celebration than almost the entire North American industry combined.

I've discovered two more current campaigns featuring Mayara that I know everyone here will love, since this size-20 beauty is so popular. First, let me introduce a company called Givy:


The site has several cover images in rotation, both of which show Mayara in daringly low-cut evening gowns that are classy but sexy. This is the Brazilian way - if a model has plus-size curves (such as a generous bust), show them off. In this picture, she reminds me of a fuller-figured Christina Schmidt.





I've also clipped a few pics from the online catalogue. I'm not fond of the makeup (the fuschsia lip colour is too bright), but the images are as size-positive as we have come to expect from the forward-thinking Brazilians. They love Mayara's full hips.


A close fit as the waist is very sensual if a model has a curvy middle, as Mayara does. No disfiguring shapewear disguises this lovely feature.


Another outfit that delights in the model's voluptuousness:


An ensemble that shows off Mayara's shapely legs:


Gorgeous evening gowns, this one suggesting the luscious fullness of the model's waist:


This is my favourite of the Givy styles. I love the design at the bust, which is very flattering on a buxom figure. (No flat-chested faux-plus model could make this gown look half as good.) If I could order this dress online, I would.


Finally, the print on this dress is too busy for me, and I'm not crazy about the length, but again I like the cut at the bust, and the hair accessory is a nice touch.


The other new label that I discovered is called Jusley. It appears to be more of a casual/youthful line.


Mayara appears on the cover page of the plus-size section.



Very alluring in this black top.


This image, unusually for a Brazilian label, shows Mayara with a compressed waist. However, I wanted to share the picture because it also comes with a back view.


This is one of the most sensual and size-positive images that Mayara has ever produced. The outfit closely embraces the soft, lovely curves along her back. Why aren't American companies producing pro-curvy images like this, which could help plus-size women feel good about their figures and recognize that having a fleshy physique is both natural and attractive?


Mayara always looks so comfortable with herself, so confident in her allure. She knows that her body is beautiful, and invites female viewers to think of themselves just as positively. This pretty top acknowledges the fullness of her middle, but Mayara isn't the least bit self-conscious. Why should she? She knows that she looks good.


A full-length version of the cover photo showcases the model's curvy hips.


Jusley also offers a behind-the-scenes video from their last photoshoot. Since the label produces both straight-size and plus-size clothing, the video begins with footage of a scrawny model. But fast forward to 1:41 to catch a rare glimpse of Mayara on set, showing how languidly, sensually, she moves.

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With all of the new public enthusiasm over the Brazilian industry, it occurs to me that although there are many, many plus-size labels in North America, few of them produce images of models who are visibly and indisputably full-figured, as Mayara is. When did these companies forget their basic mission, which is to promote plus-size beauty?

If all American brands started shooting gorgeous size-16, 18, 20 models, then just imagine how much size-positive imagery would be out there. Every American label could be producing catalogue pictures at least as attractive and pro-curvy as those of the Brazilian companies that use Mayara. Imagine what a boon such a transformed American plus-size industry would be to women's self image!

We have the models (Kelsey, Katherine, Lindsey, Marritt, etc.). Let's use them.

14th December 2010, 00:13
While most of us here in the North are shovelling snow and shivering, the Brazilians are basking in summertime. No wonder, then, that the Givy label has now updated its site with a line of swimwear, all modelled by Mayara.

That's the good news. The bad news is that it appears that the company has resorted to Photoshop excess to whittle Mayara down from her true, opulent proportions.

Mayara's swimwear editorial from just a few months ago showed her looking more luscious than any swimwear model I've ever seen in my life:


These pictures still show her looking curvy (curvier than the faux-plus models of North American swim promotions), but you definitely get the sense that this isn't the complete story - or the complete Mayara.

Still, she looks gorgeous in pink:


An especially luscious picture shows her in reverse view:


Notice how full her arms are. She's still a plus-size goddess, especially in those aspects of her figure that Givy didn't try to diminish.


We all know that she possesses a more sumptuous waist than this.


Still, she looks alluringly buxom in these pictures.


Her gorgeous thighs are definitely fuller than those of lesser American plus-size models.


Beaming with joy. It's always a pleasure to see plus-size models looking like they relish being curvy, and wouldn't diminish their figures no matter what.


Now, here's where the digital alteration is obvious. We all adore Mayara for the decadent fullness of her waist. While a bikini shot of Mayara would be a dream come true for her many fans, she is definitely fuller around the middle than this. Cute picture though.


Just for good measure, here are a couple of new outfits from Givy as well. These still show some attractive roundness at her midsection.



Although the Photoshopping is definitely a shame, Mayara remains bigger and more beautiful than any of the industry's horde of faux-plus models. I'm glad that the Brazilian industry is accepting of larger girls, and I hope that its example will influence the North American fashion world.