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1st October 2010, 11:22
Fans of Brazilian size-20 goddess Mayara Russi who have been eagerly awaiting a new "fix" of the Brazilian bombshell's images will be pleased with the new pictures that I just discovered. They are from a South American label called Julia Moda (www.juliamoda.com.br), but not from the current campaign (which is a spring/summer collection, since the seasons are reversed south of the equator), but rather from fall/winter 2010, which for Brazil was last season.

I love these photos because the company allowed Mayara to be very dramatic and sensual. Yet they still kept the size-positive touches, like showing the alluring fullness at her waist.


She is so elegant and seductive in these photos.


She reminds me very much of Lindsey Garbelman in a number of her pictures.


Again, there's that alluring swell at the midsection, and shapely arms.


Mayara even appears in a tear sheet for this company.


The above images are the most refined, but even the regular catalogue photos that she did for Julia are anything but ordinary. These tightly fitted pants show off her womanly thighs and even a sensual swell at the abdomen. Only the Brazilians are so size positive. Her eyes smoulder.


Another attractive image with a curve at the waist.


Pretty ruffles on her top.


A devilish smile.


What a beauty she is! It would be amazing to see her shoot alongside Kelsey Olson or Katherine Roll - a brunette goddess and a blonde goddess together in the same image.

3rd October 2010, 13:22
She is hands down my favorite plus-size model working today. She's stunning; completely at ease in her body.