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21st October 2010, 14:23
[NOTE: This post by Karsten, from several weeks ago, was accidentally deleted. It is here restored--HSG]

Given that plus-size models on the runway seem to be on everyone's minds right now, I recently discovered the most complete photo gallery I've yet seen of size-20 Brazilian goddess Mayara Russi in the 2010 edition of FWPS ("Fashion Weekend Plus Size"), the South American equivalent of Full-Figured Fashion Week.

<a href="http://chic.ig.com.br/moda/noticia/fwps-2-edicao-do-evento-de-moda-plus-size-mostra-boas-ofertas-para-o-publico-gg-mas-ainda-escorrega-em-cliches/fotos/3035" target="_blank">http://chic.ig.com.br/moda/noticia/...ches/fotos/3035</a>

Swimwear is always the most exciting look:

<img src="http://i53.tinypic.com/2vd2vdi.jpg" border="0" alt="">

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52019/medium_large_vertical/ana_lisboa_Photo_by_Kelly_Hato_-5_3_.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

This outfit is kind of wild, but Mayara's physique makes everything look good.

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52046/medium_large_vertical/koro_kru_Photo_by_Kelly_Hato_-6_2_.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

A more casual ensemble.

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52066/medium_large_vertical/tulnitex_Photo_by_Kelly_Hato_-17_2_.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

Everyone's favourite - the outfit that celebrates her sumptuous waist.

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52071/medium_large_vertical/tulnitex_Photo_by_Kelly_Hato_-17_7_.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

A series of nautical looks.

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52089/medium_large_vertical/plussize-678.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52095/medium_large_vertical/plussize-760.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52112/medium_large_vertical/plussize-209.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

The flower in the hair is a winning touch.

<img src="http://www.nossoarmario.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/FWPS-Mayara-Russi.jpg" border="0" alt="">

And finally, a sporty getup.

<img src="http://chic.ig.com.br/system/assets/2010/7/26/52142/medium_large_vertical/acqualuna_Photo_by_Kelly_Hato_-6_6_.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

I also found two further images of Mayara at this event at the following source:

<a href="http://entretenimento.r7.com/moda-e-beleza/fotos/veja-fotos-dos-desfiles-do-fashion-weekend-plus-size-20100724-22.html#fotos" target="_blank">http://entretenimento.r7.com/moda-e...4-22.html#fotos</a>

Both show the nautical outfits.

<img src="http://i1.r7.com/data/files/2C92/94A3/2A01/C4B9/012A/047B/C979/35E7/foto13.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

Just <i>look </i>at how curvy and well-fed she is.

<img src="http://i1.r7.com/data/files/2C92/94A3/2A01/C4B9/012A/0480/4E14/43E5/foto17.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

And finally, here are several more photographs that I located online.

I don't care for the compression of the waist, but the hairstyle is stunning, and the image showcases her womanly hips.

<img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/53qxs1.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

Another beautiful haristyle in this profile photo.

<img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/10wnplt.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

<img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/2cz5z49.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

This was apparently a FWPS preview on Brazilian TV prior to the event, with Mayara showcasing her swimwear outfit - the central visual of the show.

<img src="http://i51.tinypic.com/xoo6qv.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

THIS is what a plus-size model on the runway is supposed to look like. By comparison, seeing size-10/12 models absurdly called plus size when they walk the runway is a joke. While New York and Milan nervously field faux-plus models, the Brazilians are demonstrating true size celebration by sending gorgeous size 18s and 20s down the runway.

The South Americans have the right idea, and it's their example that the rest of the world should follow.