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27th October 2010, 03:28
I'm sure that everyone here has been dying to see new material featuring wildly popular size-20 Brazilian goddess Mayara Russi. Well, I have something wonderful to share.

Here's a newly released video showing Mayara, and other plus-size models, on a Brazilian TV program. Mayara emerges at around 2:30 in the video, and WOW, does she ever look gorgeous. She wears a figure-embracing summer outfit (remember: it's spring, closing on summer, in South America), with light-denim shorts and a fitted top that defines her luscious, curvy waist. Plus, she wears an attractive hairstyle, and her eyes flash smouldering, passionate glances.

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Notice that Mayara stays on camera much longer than the other girls - rightly so.

The one and only word that I understood in the commentary was "supermodel," which is how co-host Andrea Boschim describes Mayara. And oh, is that word ever justified! She really is jaw-droppingly gorgeous - so confident, so conscious of her allure. I adore the fact that she has a full, round middle and doesn't try to hide it, but proudly shows it off.

The North American industry desperately needs models like Mayara.

27th October 2010, 13:02
Mayara absolutely does have one of the most gorgeous figures of any plus-size model in the world. But let's not overlook the fact that she has a beautiful face as well.

That was brought home to me by a new feature at the Ego online magazine, which I'm sure that the female readers of this site will appreciate. It brings in a host of Brazil's top models and shows a makeup tutorial on each. Here's Mayara's page, with a start-to-finish series of pictures showing how Ego created her look. It's in Portuguese, but I imagine that women who like cosmetics artistry will understand the process just on the basis of the photos.


Here's Mayara's finished look. She is such a beauty:


And here's the link to the article itself, showing each of the different models' looks.


28th October 2010, 21:00
Once again, Mayara totally surpasses and upstages anyone who appears with her.

I think some of those glances you see are Mayara taking measure of her audience, subtly surveying them to make sure they are giving her the adoration she so richly deserves.