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2nd November 2010, 07:12
This is interesting. Reitmans has once again enlisted gorgeous Barbara Brickner to headline the company's winter campaign, except this time, they have released their seasonal flyer before issuing the individual product images.


Barbara's image graces the cover of the flyer - and no wonder. Anyone seeing her beautiful face will immediately be compelled to browse through each page of the circular, looking for more pictures of this goddess.


The fact that the flyer is online means that even Barbara's fans outside of Canada can see the photos. This is a lovely two-page spread in the centre of the circular. The sweaters intimate the shapeliness of her figure. Stunning expressions from Barbara, who always makes even her commercial images the most beautiful of creations.



Here's a second two-page Barbara spread from the flyer:



And finally, a really gorgeous headshot with Barbara in a lovely sleeveless purple top.


Truly a seasonless beauty, Barbara remains a stunning goddess in every campaign. Bravo to Reitmans for continuing to feature her as the face (and figure) of their plus-size line.

11th December 2010, 18:56
The Reitmans domain has just recently been completely revamped, and now offers online shopping.

As part of the change, the site features dozens of landing-page images of Barbara Brickner, many of which are quite beautiful, although I think that Barbara was a bit fuller (and thus even more gorgeous) in past seasons.

Here are a few of these landing-page collages. Barbara always looks great in purples


A few looks for a Christmas part. I especially like the rust-coloured top with the interesting details in the fabric.


Of course, camisoles are made for full-figured goddesses.


Barbara herself looks very cozy in this sweater.


For the cold, Canadian winters:


Besides the plus-specific pages, the site also features a number of collections that bring together straight-size and plus-size models. It's extraordinary how much Barbara's luscious figure enables her to outshine the other models. They look bizarrely narrow, like Ralph Lauren photoshopping disasters, but Barbara looks like an actual curvy woman, buxom and with some attractive substance around the waist and hips. Amazingly, she looks younger than the other models too, thanks to her robust figure.


These pictures, and many more, are scattered throughout the new Reitmans site:


11th December 2010, 22:09
Reitmans has also posted a new flyer (54 pages - which is a huge promo), with many more images of Barbara.


I especially love the image on the left in this collage. Great expression; gorgeous hair.


Another stunning spread from inside.


I still wish that the company would do a creative outdoor photoshoot, like it used to stage, but times are tight for many retailers. Regardless, I'm glad that they're using a size-14 model like Barbara and not a faux-plus girl. She is so beautiful, and still represents an actual full-figured goddess.