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M. Lopez
4th November 2005, 19:47
I really adore the way Nordstrom photographs its models. It's such an affirmative expression of body love. It's one thing to use truly curvaceous girls - and Nordstrom does - but it's even more important to shoot them in a way that celebrates their figures, rather than hides them.

Here are Jordan and Ashley Graham, looking very shapely:

http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/images/store/product/medium/162739.jpg http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/images/store/product/medium/174945.jpg

(There was another image of Ashley that I wanted to post, showing her in a white top, shot in profile, but it seems to have vanished.)

And most exciting of all, as always, here is this sizzling new image of Barbara:


I especially appreciate the fact that Nordstrom shot the colour version of this dress, and not just the "safe" black version. And the cut of the dress is quite nice, too. I've always appreciated the empire style, because it's so comfortable on the waist, and emphasizes the bust so beautifully.

The message that these images communicate is that it's not just "okay" to be full figured and show it, but wonderful. And that's the message I've been waiting for my whole life. I hope this approach spreads throughout the industry.


7th November 2005, 19:43
What I also appreciate about Nordstrom is how they manage to put together an outfit to make it appear curve-friendly.

Look at this new image of Barbara. The jacket is rather on the career-wear side, but the delicate, satiny top, with the plunging decolletage, makes it very feminine.


Remove the jacket, and presto -- instant goddess. I would never have given the jacket a second thought, otherwise. (I wonder how that top looks on its own?)

The images also show how a figure as curvaceous as Barbara's can give a jacket such as this more shape than it would otherwiss possess. But the important thing is to get a snug fit, rather than loose, so it just barely closes around the middle, and forces the jacket to exhibit into an hourglass/pear form that it would otherwise lack.


<i>[Image URLs corrected--HSG]</i>

9th November 2005, 18:45
Those photos are lovely, but the lighting in some of the new shots has a strangely "burned", orangey look. I really prefer the natural, soft, Baroque lighting that you see in photos such as the one below.

I just love the feeling of the image, too. It has such a comfortable quality, a sense that, "I just got up, showered, and tossed this on - and I am an instant goddess". And the hairstyle exhibits that "measured messiness" that always looks so good on Barbara.

I actually bought that camisole. Its a nice piece.


<i>(Image URL corrected--HSG)</i>

26th November 2005, 18:06
<br>Here is a new photograph of Barbara that stands out as especially memorable, even among her many brilliant recent images for Nordstrom. The hairstyle--the same as the one in the above image--looks particularly becoming here, with the model's tresses resting, thick and heavy, upon her shoulders.

The jacket fits very snugly, which, as Emily notes, is by far the most appealing way in which jackets such as this should be worn on womanly figures--drawing as close to the body as possible, in order to create a feminine shape, coming in tight just below the bust, and then spreading outwards, towards the waist. The delicate, lacy top (in a perfectly colour-coordinated print, cut low at the neckline, and showing itself below the jacket) catches the eye, and draws attention to the beautiful nether contours of the figure. Those details, as well as the jacketís girlish pink shade, enable a successful "feminization" of this look.

And for the crowning touch, Barbara displays a more suggestive, come-hither gaze than the expressions which she usually adopts in her Nordstrom work. The overall result is a harmoniously feminine look that is intensely, irresistibly attractive.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/bn35.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://store.nordstrom.com/product/product.asp?styleid=2875498&category=2376776~2378685~2378693~2377783&PrevStyleID=2889372&NextStyleID=2876364" target="_blank">Click here to view the item</a>