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12th January 2011, 07:44
One of the more popular commercial campaigns of winter 2010/11 has ben Melissa King's turn for Penningtons. It's a commendable example (all too rare) of a true plus-size model (size 16+) featuring prominently in the promotions of a major retailer.


I'm pleased to see that Penningtons is continuing to roll out images of Melissa in the new year. These particular photos appear to have been shot separately from the rest of the campaign. The location is stunning - a desert badlands setting that is quite an unexpected sight in the middle of the cold winter months. Melissa herself looks exceptionally attractive, with a beautiful hairstyle and a fresh expression.


Activewear must surely be the least attractive manner of clothing (next to career wear), but a true plus-size model with a visible curvaceous figure can give even these fashions a semblance of a womanly shape.


Bravo to Penningtons for featuring a legitimately full-figured model in its promos, and for going the extra mile and shooting Melissa in a remarkable natural location, which adds so much to the images.


2nd February 2011, 04:11
It turns out that the pictures which Hannah posted are definitely part of the new Penningtons campaign for spring 2011. The label's site has just been revamped with a host of gorgeous new images of Melissa King. I've scoured the site and will post every one I could find, avoiding duplicates.

The campaign is visually stunning, owing in no small part to the fact that Penningtons actually shot on location. It does make a difference. All of the clothes look much more appealing in a natural context.

This first photo may be my favourite. Not only is it an attractive top, but Melissa looks especially beautiful here. You really get a sense of the fullness of her figure.


I wish this image hadn't been cropped quite so close. There are hints of the soft fullness around the model's neck and arms. Melissa may not have round facial features, but she does have a luscious physique.


Melissa seems to be getting younger and prettier with every campaign. It all comes from not starving, but keeping or augmenting her sumptuous figure.


I'll post the wider view of the above image too, to show the curve of the model's hips:


Sleepwear only looks good on models who have genuinely full figures, as Melissa does.


Gorgeous lighting in this image, with how it catches the model's blonde hair.


Here are two more landing-page photos. The hair scarf is a nice touch.


Because this top is closely fitted, the model gets to show off her voluptuous curves.


This is an absolutely gorgeous campaign for Melissa and Penningtons, and I'm delighted that it was shot on location. The clothes look fun and comfortable. Beautiful images all around.

9th February 2011, 03:11
One more image of Melissa that I discovered on the Penningtons site features her in a screen-tee promo. It's notable at least in the fact that in the image on the right, you can see some fullness in her thighs.


Penningtons has been very good about giving a sense of the curviness of Melissa's figure. And I'm delighted that the company shot on location this season. The warm, desert backdrops add so much to the images- especially for those of us who are in northern climes, buried as we are under mounds of snow and enduring sub-Arctic temperatures.

M. Lopez
17th February 2011, 08:38
Penningtons released a lookbook today that's well worth a view and fortunately is available online.


The finest image by far is this shot of Melissa in sleepwear. This image alone, in the whole campaign, shows off her gorgeous legs. I wish there were more photos of Mrs. King in abbreviated dresses or skirts. She has very full, shapely legs. Her pose even suggests that she's deliberately showing them off, knowing that they are sure to seduce any male viewers.


Another image of Melissa in sleepwear is equally pretty.


I have to agree with everyone who has praised Penningtons for actually taking the models on location and shooting them in the wild. It makes such a difference, visually. Great styling in this photo, with the top fitted close, defining Melissa's voluptuousness.


When a plus-size model retains her luscious curves or even augments her figure, she veritably discovers a fountain of youth. In this picture, Melissa looks like she's in her early 20s. What a contrast to the starving waifs, who look haggard by the time they're out of their teen years. Very pretty expression from Melissa too.


Here's that beautiful ray of sunlight catching the model's golden hair and illuminating it.


What a lovely campaign this has turned out to be.

2nd March 2011, 02:00
The Penningtons Facebook page features a sneak previous of the company's summer 2011 campaign. It continues the theme of Melissa in the desert setting. Actually, with the craggy rocks in the background, it looks to me like it could be the Badlands of Alberta, or perhaps their extension in the American West

At any rate, very dramatic landscape, and a beautiful sleeveless dress.


Pity that the photo cropped out the model's legs, as Melissa has gorgeous legs. But it looks as if the summer campaign will be a winner, just as spring has been.

Plus, Melissa appears on the site's current cover page:


Gorgeous. I love the hairstyle.

5th April 2011, 11:11
I just wanted to mention that Penningtons features a remarkably beautiful photo of Melissa on its cover page at the moment:


I get a pleasantly relaxed vibe from it. She looks quite young and pretty here. And as a size-positive touch, with the way that the belt gently embraces her midsection, but not too tightly, the image suggests fullness at the model's waist.

The panoramic setting adds a lot of drama and visual interest. I still think it was a fine move on Penningtons' part to shoot this in such an interesting location. I wish more labels would follow suit.

13th April 2011, 06:12
The Penningtons page now features a new cover image with Melissa:


Very attractive, but I could have done with a more subtle text banner, so that the image could have been enjoyed on its own.

17th April 2011, 18:29
I suppose we have to content ourselves with the ad copy that accompanies the photos, because it's what makes the existence of these gorgeous images possible. And this new Penningtons cover is truly beautiful. I love how the sunlight gilds Melissa's blonde hair, giving it that angelic glow.


This was such a wonderful shoot for Penningtons. I only wish the company had also filmed a behind-the-scenes video. It would have been phenomenal to see the models shooting in this expansive desert landscape.