View Full Version : Justine Legault with Dominque Models

13th January 2011, 06:13
A post on this forum last year noted that Justine Legault had signed with two European agencies, Model Team and Model Management UK, which are not usually given to representing size-14 models, making her the lone exception on their boards.


The same is now true for Dominique Models, a Belgian agency that usually only represents faux-plus girls, but has now added Justine to its books. Justine is one of only two models on the Dominique board who has a hip measurement of 45" or more. Dominique also features a gorgeous photo of Justine that I haven't seen anywhere else:


Once again, Mademoiselle Legault's beauty has overcome an agency's absurd size restrictions. I wish these European boards would add other genuinely full-figured models to their books. But at least this is a small measure of progress, and hopefully means more campaigns for Justine in the future.

For some reason, the links to pages on the Dominique Models site expire after a while, so here's the URL of the agency's home page, from which it's easy to find the plus-size board, and then Justine.

http://www.dominique-models.be (http://www.dominique-models.be/)