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16th January 2011, 11:35
<br>A mere fortnight after unveiling some of the most exciting test <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2035" target="_blank">images</a> of her career, MSA beauty Andrea Horblitt releases a new set of photographs which includes among them not only the most gorgeous headshot that she has ever created, but one of the most dramatic headshots that any model has ever produced.

A recent <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2039" target="_blank">post</a> about the call for full-figured contestants in the Miss Italy pageant included the dismaying claim by the organizers that such participants would, among other things, "not be erotic" (as if plus-size goddesses were incapable of producing a seductive effect). Well, the following headshot is the very embodiment of Eros in a visual form. It is a gasp-inducing efflorescence of femininity, with the model as a voluptuous rose in full bloom.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa12.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa12a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Her tresses cascade over her bare shoulders in a teeming mass of gold, with a measured messiness that is both opulent and wild, intimating the model's own unbridled passions. She is sensually flushed, with skin like a ripe peach. One imagines that her rounded cheeks would be hot to the touch. But perhaps most bewitching of all is her lovely mouth, frozen in a kissable pout, seemingly drawing in breath as if she were gazing upon her reflection in the camera lens and cooing at the sight of her own beauty.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa12.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa12b.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Changing her demeaour completely (for Andrea, one of the most visually expressive of models, has an astounding emotional range), Miss Horblitt shows us a deeply affecting <i>wounded</i> look. Just under the surface, one senses a neediness in the model that is utterly irresistible, a feminine helplessness that she makes no effort to hide. One senses the profound intimacy of this gaze, the sincere vulnerability.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa13.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa13a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>But of course, Andrea earns her place on the "Goddess" board of MSA Models thanks to her divine size-14 proportions, and while one dearly wishes that she were a tad fuller figured, this image showcases her rich, buxom contours. The glittering dress, thrillingly abbreviated, hugs every inch of her well-fed figure, as if it couldn't get close enough to her shapely physique. The scoop neckline highlights her voluptuous curves, while one stray tress leads the eye along a sensual path. Her gaze, so dark and mysterious, is as provocative as are her dress and her figure.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa14.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa14a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The final image in the new series is a refreshing change of pace, a veritable walk in the woods with the model. She is now dressed in a more traditional (yet still very chic) outfit, one which she manages to transform into a gorgeous item, thanks to the manner in which her buxom figure forms it into a seductively feminine shape. (On an underweight girl, this dress would appear too minimal, but on a plus-size model it becomes stunningly attractive.) Her hairstyle is as playful as her expression, a warm smile that exudes all the sunny innocence of youth, bringing out her doll-like prettiness. The teeming foliage around her suggests that all of nature is enamoured of her loveliness.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa15.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/msa15a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Aficionados of plus-size beauty have admired Andrea's work for years, but in 2011 she is embracing modelling with altogether new vigour. She is currently creating some of the most exciting test images of any model in the industry, and we cannot wait to see what the future will hold for this fair princess.

Fans of Miss Horblitt are also encouraged to visit her online MSA portfolio (linked below), where they will discover an extraordinarily daring and provocative image, not included in this post, that recalls a Venus in marble, or a Renaissance nude. Never did Botticelli or Titian have a model as lovely as Andrea, as this Classical black-and-white composition reveals.

- <a href="http://www.modelserviceagency.com/details.aspx?nav=&modelid=515464&sexid=2&subid=7999&mainsubid=7999&indx=&prne=3&fitnav=&ethnicity=&age=&snav=&enav=&anav=&filt=" target="_blank">Andrea Horblitt: online portfolio</a>

31st January 2011, 09:46
<br>It's always a pleasure to see Judgment of Paris favourites out on the town and being photographed by the paparazzi. This image shows Andrea at the New York City Animal Care & Control fundraiser at La Pomme on January 21st--just over a week ago.

She looks gorgeous in her abbreviated dress, which shows off her shapely legs and boldly displays her abundant voluptuousness. The banded fabric wraps close to her body, hugging her luscious curves and defining her every beautiful contour. One may be sure that no other lady at this function merited a second glance. They all faded into invisibility, while all eyes were trained on Andrea the whole evening.<p><center><img src="http://i55.tinypic.com/1y4vvs.jpg"></center><p>A plus-size goddess actually looking curvaceous--there is no lovelier sight.

14th May 2011, 23:48
<br>Although her many fans will always prefer to see Andrea first and foremost in modelling terms, especially considering the stunning beauty of her Nadine Raphael headshots (as seen in this thread), along with her graceful runway appearance in the T~TymeLady Couture runway show at NYFW in February, Miss Horblitt is also an avid Internet entrepreneur, with a plethora of fascinating marketing plans in the works and ideas for exciting future projects.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/nr01a.jpg"></center><p>While those are coming to fruition, Andrea sent the Judgment of Paris a request for her fans to add her on Twitter, and we are only too happy to oblige:

- <a href="http://twitter.com/intrnetrockstar" target="_blank">Andrea on Twitter</a>

Andrea is a captivating personality, vivacious and fun-loving, with a real appetite for life, and her online musings are endlessly interesting. Be sure to add her, if you use Twitter as a method of social communication.

We eagerly look forward to her future endeavours, and especially to her upcoming modelling campaigns.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea/nr01.png"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/andrea.htm" target="_blank">Andrea Horblitt Gallery</a>