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M. Lopez
27th January 2011, 10:12
I've been perennially delighted that C.J. Banks continues to feature Barbara Brickner in its advertising, but a bit disappointed that the images aren't always especially creative.

For Valentine's Day, though, C.J. Banks has come out of its shell, producing a very romantic image of Barbara.

Isn't it lovely? She's holding a handful of rose petals in her hand and blowing them at the viewer. The caption reads, "Be mine," and I'm sure that the model's male admirers have dreamed for years of having her say those words to them. "Love at first sight" - yes, I'm sure that this perfectly expresses the feeling that many viewers will have upon seeing this picture.


Here's the source page:


Just for fun, here's another e-mail ad that C.J. Banks released a week ago:


And this one - really quite beautiful - came out just before Christmas:


Barbara also appears on the current C.J. Banks cover, and in the "outfits" section:


I really love the Valentine's Day ad, and I hope that C.J. Banks will continue to invoke a little creativity in its future promotions. It has as its face one of the most gorgeous models of all time. They could so do much with her...

2nd March 2011, 02:06
The current CJ Banks cover page shows a really gorgeous headshot of Barbara Brickner. She has always been one of my favourite models, and seeing her here gives me a feeling of joy, the same kind of joy that she herself is expressing.


Barbara was also on the site's previous cover. I don't care for the sweater, but this is a dramatically beautiful look.


Say what one will about the company's fashions, but just by featuring Mrs. Brickner in its advertising, CJ Banks keeps me coming back and observing its site.

9th March 2011, 16:46
Spring has sprung at CJ Banks, and the company now features a host of new images of Barbara on its landing pages.

I love this mischievous smile.


Joyful and life-affirming.


Barbara has always been brilliant at modelling skirts. With her gift for movement, she lets them flare out. Beautiful effect.


Another wonderful smile.


Barbara also appeared in an e-mail ad that the company released just yesterday.


Gorgeous pictures all around.

14th March 2011, 19:33
Really lovely new image of Barbara on the C.J. Banks cover page:


Her beauty is immortal.

31st March 2011, 08:11
Here's another lovely CJ Banks ad that I received featuring Barbara:


The company's current cover page also shows her looking beautiful.


She has a knack for twirling a skirt that's very eye-catching.

1st April 2011, 19:45
Most of the images that C.J. Banks shoots with Barbara are lovely, but fairly straightforward, apart from the Valentine's Day masterpiece at the top of this thread.

Earlier today, however, I received a flyer from the company that featured a dramatic and especially gorgeous photograph of Barbara. If I hadn't known that it was for C.J. Banks, I would have thought that it was a stylish test photo. Mrs. Brickner looks tastefully chic and alluring here, covered in jewellery, the opulence of which matches the richness of her figure. The fact that she's wearing a sleeveless item makes the image sensual, and Barbara's expression is a captivating mixture of delight and mischief. She looks very glamorous here.


This is one of my favourite photos from this model/client pairing. It just goes to show how important it is for plus-size labels to use stunning goddesses like Barbara. It means that when they do have the opportunity to shoot a creative image, such as this one, the results are breathtaking.

22nd April 2011, 14:07
C.J. Banks is currently running a beautiful cover image of Barbara, which I thought I'd share:


Such a pretty skirt, and I love the way she moves to give it extra "flounce".

28th April 2011, 05:10
C.J. Banks released a lovely headshot of Barbara in a new flyer yesterday. She is eternally beautiful. I like this image because it shows her with an uncommonly fair complexion. It's a very pretty look for Barbara.


Also, I don't think anyone has yet posted the spring "outfits" at C.J. Banks. These will probably soon be replaced by summer offerings, but here they are. They can all be found on the following page:


Most of these looks are too venerable for my taste, but I do like the skirt in the top-right photo, especially the way Barbara models it.

http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p9534982_outfit_v275.jpg http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p9534191_outfit_v275.jpg
http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p9534585_outfit_v275.jpg http://cjb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p9542593_outfit_v275.jpg