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28th January 2011, 10:13
Hello to everyone on this board. Long-time lurker here, first-time poster.

One of my favourite threads on the forum last year was about the plus-size campaign from Sweet Hearts, an Australian bridal line:


I've been following their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/sweetheartsbridal) ever since, eagerly looking forward to their next campaign, and now they've released it.

Aren't the images lovely? They have a sense of playfulness and fun, with the balloons and the cute little doggie.


Hayley is once again the model, and she looks gorgeous. I prefer a hair-down look, but her size-18 figure is luscious and womanly. Everyone praised her sensual arms in the last campaign, and they look just as round and soft in these images.


She's such a pretty model and responds to the camera very well. The dress is beautiful. I especially appreciate the fact that it's sleeveless. When a woman has arms as beautiful as Hayley does, it should be practically mandatory for her to show them off.


Something that I especially like is that Sweet Hearts offers a reverse view of the gown, and if anything, it looks even lovelier from the back than from the front. It's not cut overly high at the back, as so many plus-size dresses unfortunately are, but instead is low enough to show off an alluring expanse of the model's bare back.


This is the most heavenly picture in the series. It shows Hayley's skin looking soft and fair. Her arms look full and shapely, and there's even a swell of softness at the lip of the dress. Gorgeous, size-positive photo.


I really love this bridal line, and Hayley (Australia's answer to Katherine Roll?) is one of my favourite up-and-coming models. Her 45-37-48 proportions represent the kind of physique that plus-size model should have. This is a genuinely full-figured model (and gorgeous too), not some faux-plus deception.

And bravo to Sweet Hearts for shooting this campaign outdoors, in such an enchanting location, with the lush greenery and the white picket fence. It's idyllic and dreamlike - just what you imagine for a wedding.

31st January 2011, 23:27
Hayley is utterly gorgeous, curvaceous, and an ideal plus-size model.

Sweet Hearts just released another image from its new campaign, this one showing a collection of models from each of the umbrella company's lines. Notice that Hayley, in red, stands out as by far the most beautiful model in the entire group.


The image reminds me of the Manet painting painting of the luncheon in the park.

Also, notice Hayley (with her gorgeous arms) at the left border of this image, showing the minus-size model in the foreground.


Australia has its fair share of attractive plus-size models, but Hayley is my favourite.

1st February 2011, 20:53
For me, there is no question -- Hayley is definitely the most gorgeous Australian plus-size model, and absolutely deserves a place on the Judgment of Paris survey page. What a stunner!

Sweet Hearts has released a host of new images of their bridal offerings today, all of which show Hayley looking soft, well-fed, and ravishingly beautiful.

The label calls this series of photos, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day...?"


What a gorgeous pose, showing Hayley basking in the sunlight. Her hand gesture is so delicate, yet her arms are so round and full.


I too adore the fact that the Sweet Hearts gowns are cut deliciously low in reverse, showing off a bride's bare back in a very sensual way, especially if she has a fleshy look, as Hayley does.


This is the clearest close-up image that I have yet seen of Hayley, showing just how lovely she is. Buxom, fair-skinned, with round and full facial features and a soft physique, she is a definitive timeless beauty.


Sweet Hearts calls the series of shots for this gown "Once upon a time," which makes it fitting that Hayley should be reading a storybook.


She definitely qualifies as a fairy-tale princess.


Strapless, sleeveless -- it's like the gowns were made with someone as luscious and curvy as Hayley in mind.


I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like the hat, but either way, this is a lyrically gentle expression from the model.


Wistfully dreamy in the following two photos:



The third new series seems to have arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. It's called Love notes from the heart.

With the one-shoulder style, this dress reminds me of Classical Greek gowns. The fit is easy at the waist, permitting a bride to let her figure blossom without concern.


The Sweet Hearts photographic team definitely deserves a nod for these lovely photos. Apparently the shoot involved the work of two stylists, Deahne and Janine, according to the Sweet Hearts Facebook page. The Old World props add to the magic of the pictures, as does the feminine parasol. (And Hayley holds it so naturally, as if she truly were a born aristocrat.)


There is no bridal magazine in the world that will publish an image as gorgeous as this, from the Arcadian setting to the elegant props to, most importantly, the opulent, sumptuous model.


Is it possible to buy Sweet Hearts gowns in North America? This would be the label I would turn to for a wedding dress. The company clearly understands how to show off the fuller female figure, and they respect their customers enough to showcase their fashions on a gorgeous and authentically larger-bodied model.

I hope we see much more of Hayley in the near future.

2nd February 2011, 03:52
Sweet Hearts appears to be rolling out ever-more-beautiful images of Hayley B. with each new set. This latest group is called A Rose by any other name. She is so lovely! You see the weight in her face, which makes her features sensual and feminine.


This is absolutely enchanting. She is surrounded by the teeming beauty of nature, as if she were the prettiest white blossom of them all.


I know everyone has been pointing them out, but really, I could exhaust all superlatives describing the beauty of her round, full arms. And the business of holding the leafy branch is such a pretty, feminine modelling touch.


If there is a heaven, it must look like the dreamscape that these images create.


Hayley is a goddess if ever there was one. And bravo to Sweet Hearts for finding such an enchanted location to shoot in.

8th February 2011, 21:34
<br>When Hayley's first images for Sweet Hearts came out, we received a wonderfully informative letter from Jessica Ramsey, the Social Media Manager for the Sweet Hearts brand and its affiliates. In this text, she provides some background about the label and its designer.

To say the least, this company deserves limitless praise for featuring such a gorgeous, full-figured model as Hayley, so we are pleased to share Jessica's comments in full. Notice in particular the lovely statement that she makes about Hayley's well-fed beauty.

The whole team at bridal™ are very proud of our brands, and in particular we are very excited about being able to showcase beautiful plus-size women in an industry which does not often do so.

To give you a little background about our brands, bridal™ launched its first plus-size brand Glamour Plus™

This exciting brand is managed by bridal™ and designed by the award-winning designer, Roslyn Lakelin. Roslyn has a keen understanding of the female form, a unique ability to illustrate and a strong career in bridal. Most importantly, she saw the need to recreate the way plus-size brides were being represented. Plus-size brides had been visiting bridal stores with the hope of trying gowns on above size 14, gowns that encapsulated popular seasonal trends rather than dowdy, heavy, laden, satin-embroidered gowns.

Glamour Plus believes in enhancing sexy silhouettes by identifying particular women's shapes, swathing the body in luxury and exquisite fabrics.

The design team is passionately dedicated to the female form, which is clearly visible in their creations.

Glamour Plus off-the-rack couture-styled gowns made in silks, French laces, satins and taffetas are finished with intricate hand finishes.

Glamour Plus is sized 16 to 38. However, sizes above 38 can be catered for with an additional pattern fee.

In the wake of the popularity of Glamour Plus, the bridal™ team then saw a second need in the world of plus-size brides. Not all fashion-savvy, beautiful women had the funds to support their desire. And all women the world round should get to wear their dream dress on their special day, right?

So bridal™ launched the Sweet Hearts and Sweet Hearts PLUS ranges.

This now enabled all brides-to-be to adorn themselves in beautiful, couture-styled, flattering gowns, despite their credit card balance.

We refer to the Sweet Hearts range as the baby sister to premium brands, Roz Lakelin and Glamour Plus, because they still encapsulate all the skilled design qualities that our premium brands offer, but at an affordable cost.

Plus-size bridal is something designer Roz Lakelin does well. Her design abilities and love for providing a bride with a gown that she’ll cherish for a lifetime, not just a day, are apparent in every gown in the Glamour Plus range.

Roslyn carries contemporary finishes found in her signature fashion collection through to her plus brands, but cleverly places these to draw the eye always to the neckline and bride’s face.

Whatever your size or shape, there is something in her Glamour Plus or Sweet Hearts Plus ranges that will celebrate your womanly shape and emphasise the body your man loves.

Heinrich, we are also so pleased to be able to show the world our beautiful gowns on truly gorgeous, genuinely curvy, plus-size models, so <strong>it is our pleasure to introduce you to our Sweet Hearts Plus model, Hayley B.</strong>.

I can honestly say that Hayley is a beautiful and naturally talented model, as well as a genuinely gorgeous person inside.

We love her <strong>gentle curves, realistic silhouette and soft sexiness</strong>, so we are so appreciative to hear that your readers are as excited as us.

Hayley is always <strong>a complete pleasure to work with, and we will continue to feature her in the future, so keep your eye on our pages!</strong>

I thank you again for contacting us, as well as for all the hard work you contribute in creating communities for beautiful women of ALL sizes to have a voice and be inspired.

As Sweet Hearts Plus is only a new brand, we are yet to launch a Sweet Hearts Plus web site, but you can view all our exciting movements via our facebook <a href="http://www.facebook.com/sweetheartsbridal/" target="_blank">page</a>.
Bravo to this label for enlisting the services of this gorgeous, soft-featured, visibly full-figured model. We do indeed hope to see more of the lovely Hayley (with her "gentle curves, realistic silhouette and soft sexiness," as Ms. Ramsey describes so well), in the near future.

The luscious beauty of Hayley B.:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/hb/hayley01.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.facebook.com/sweetheartsbridal/" target="_blank">Sweet Hearts Plus</a>

27th June 2011, 17:39
The Sweet Hearts Bridal Facebook page has more pictures of Hayley in the "Behind the Scenes" (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.209995445681860.62196.151074011574004) section, including this one, where her dress shows off her very luscious legs, and even a hint of roundness at the waist: